View Full Version : Writer Looking for an Artist

12-17-2016, 03:21 PM
Looking for an artist to collaborate with a project I am writing. This is something that i intend to pitch to Image when it is ready. I'm looking for an artist for complete collaboration. I have an art background as well, but I am looking for a true aspiring professional, and I am also a huge believer that two minds working on a project will greatly increase its quality.

Here is what I am looking for:

1. preferably not digital
2. black and white or color (no preference) as long as it can tell the story well
3. Must be able to letter
4. Willing to work together as a team on story ideas as well as design aspects. It works both ways. Working together is key here.

If this interests you let me know. Also, if you are interested we will sign an agreement on profit split before work begins. (when it becomes successful!) My intention is to split completely 50/50 if that does happen.

Email me if you want to know more about my project. I already have some scripts written.


18 and older only please.

I look forward to working with you!!!