View Full Version : Paid project for horror board game art!

12-16-2016, 07:02 PM
Before I get into the specifics on this project, there is a lot of things I am going to need drawn up. The art needed will be everything from icons to full color art. I do not have a specific price per item because of the quantity of things that will go into it, and so I would like to find someone who will give me good rates since this project is a large one. I will say that I plan to spend roughly $1000 but that is flexible.

About the project. This is for a horror themed survival board game. The game itself will mostly consist of decks and square room tiles that will be used to randomly generate the floor maps as the character plays. It is a sci-fi horror and so will be set in a futuristic underground facility. Some of the environments will include sewers and a medical wing.

The art for these tiles needs to be a detailed top view, and the idea is that every tile can fit in any position next to any other tile.

There will be some character cards and monster art needed as well.

My preference would be to find someone who is willing to draw and color everything. One single artist, or a studio if the rates are not influenced by that.

There is not deadline, but I look for someone who can be consistent and can be flexible.

Lastly, as for artistic style, I am open to anything. It doesn't have to be immensely detailed, as long as is captures the horror feel that I am going for.

If interested please email me at Johnthomis3@gmail.com. I will probably wait for a week before I choose an artist, so I can look over as many submissions as possible.