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12-15-2016, 01:56 AM
About the Project:
Its a project on Alexander the great's final battle. It happens in India. So it greatly help if the artist has previous experience or knowledge illustrating characters from ancient India.

About the Story:
Imagine Frank Millar's 300 meets more realistic art of Humanoid Comics

What We’re Looking For:
We are looking for one penciler who can each take on a 100 paged graphic novel.
Deadlines are strict but fair, (you’ll get approximately 6 months to do 100 pages), but weekly check-ins and output are a must.
We are looking for reliable artists who have the time and enthusiasm to work on this project; our deadlines were setup in preparation for a conference, so we cannot accommodate any delays.

Paid Test Page:
We will be looking through all submitted portfolios and shortlisting 4-5 candidates to do a paid test page. Once given the script, you will have 5 days to turn over the page. If selected, you must be available to start immediately.


Payment & Terms:
We are offering $45 per page for clean pencils, but this is negotiable. A 5-page down payment will be made upon the start of the project, after which payment will be made every ten pages that are submitted and approved.
We will send payment within 48 hours of receiving completed pages. All payments will be made via Paypal.

You will be asked to sign a work-for-hire agreement.

File format:
300 DPI .TIFF files uploaded to the team Dropbox, created to spec. (We will send you the printer’s page template.)


Submission info:
Please email contact@yalidreamcreations.com with the following:

-Sample sequential pages (published or unpublished are both welcome) and/or a link to your portfolio with sequential samples
-Sample anthro work, if any (pinups are okay as long as you have non-anthro sequential work as well)
-Your page rate
-Published bibliography, if any (Independent, personal projects are also welcome)

Take a look at us from