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Noble Messenger
12-14-2016, 03:09 PM
Hello people

My team and I are currently working on a superhero comic project taking place in an alternate 1960s where various events have spawned changes to the timeline. There are multiple different characters providing different settings and genres for people to write (characters going from the US all the way to the Soviet Union).

I posted about this before in the paid section but here is where we need some extra help from a non-paid position. We need at least 3 new writers to help out with scripts in the project, maybe add in a few new ideas as well. We operate in a slack location, things are currently a little slow (due to the team being in different timezones) but they pick up on select days.

What we're offering is that you help us write some scripts and we'll pay to have our artists draw them out. We all pitch in to get scripts drawn (we have one being worked on currently) so money isn't a huge factor. All we ask is that you could use this as a chance to practice or get something out there.

If you're interested in joining then email me at goingunderfornot@gmail.com or PM me. I can send you a link to the slack and we can see how well we all work together.

Noble Messenger
12-20-2016, 03:47 PM
I'm sorry to put this message up here but we have to close down this search for the time being. The reason for this is due to digitalwebbing taking a while to approve the post for this search, we went to another location to look and got the the three writers we needed. I'm sorry to inform everyone who sent me an email that this is the case.

We may open it up again in the future but right now we're seeing how the new guys fit.

Noble Messenger
04-09-2017, 02:09 AM
Our last round of writers seemed lost in translation- some of them left to pursue other projects and others we let go. We learned from our mistakes, and hope our next round of recruitment is more productive. Once again we are opening the Slack channel to all new writers who are interested in the Infinity-Verse

What is the InfinityVerse?

In 2050 Aion Flatts left his doomed timeline to save Earth from a coming apocalypse. Humanity was not strong enough to withstand the alien threat known as the Noxul. Going back to the year 1941 and adopting the moniker Quantum Conundrum he sought to save the world by nearly destroying it. The 1960s is the battleground: 'Aether' powered bombs have been set off empowering civilians in London, Elysium City, and Stalingrad causing chaos and thousands of deaths. In the wake of the global explosion of unknown quantum substance, Heroes and villains make themselves known to the world. This has had many incidental effects, from accidentally triggering the global resurgence of magic to some genres of music never arising. Driving an already fragile stand-off between two countries into full overdrive. Meanwhile Nazis and clandestine organization both old and new rise from the shadows.

The Infinity-Verse is an attempt to have some balance between serious tones and humor. We aren’t looking for characters that are just one off puns or jokes, they need to have some type of draw to them. The Verse is big and spans across many locations, and there is no main cast so much as a multitude of actors. We are writing an entire alternate world, with consequences for actions. If a butterfly hero flaps its wings in Africa it may power a living hurricane villain hell bent on destroying Florida.

It should be noted that Infinity-Verse Project is an indie writing group rather than a comic-book company. Which means aside from lack of pay (then again who makes money from indie comic books anyway hahahaha), this is a hobby which cannot work without active involvement.

You should be willing to chill with us, and talk about various topics. Last round of writers secluded themselves in their own corner, and eventually left because they could not stay invested without knowing what they’re writing about. We would appreciate authors that asked questions about the world they’re about to write.

We currently only have 3-4 active writers on the team in different timezones, and overabundance of story material and lack of writers to cover all of it is hurting our progress.

Some specialized knowledge about weapons, certain periods in history, science, and etc. would add wonderfully to our discussions. Not necessary, but it’d be nice to have.

Once again the contact to join is emailing goingunderfornot@gmail.com