View Full Version : Published Writer Seeking Artist

Mike P
12-07-2016, 10:49 PM
I am a published writer with work appearing in over 100 comics, magazines, and anthologies. Fiction of mine has been translated into several languages and has been adapted for the stage and into short films. I am looking for a professional artist who understands deadlines and has a strong desire to break into the business. I work fast and I work to deadline and am looking for an artist who has a similar work ethic.

I fully understand that writer - artist partnerships is a two way street. If there is a project that you have been thinking about developing but you need the first issue scripted I would be willing to do this as a first project, or we can discuss projects that I am currently developing for possible submission to publishers. I currently have a horror-thriller project and a crime drama that I am developing.

Please email me a link to your work to mpenncavage@hotmail.com
Thank You!