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12-06-2016, 09:13 PM
About the Project:
“Cesspool Kamikazes” is an independently-financed graphic novel slated for release in May, 2017.

NOTE: We previously ran an ad seeking pencillers for the same project here, and we were able to hire two great ones from the pool that submitted. Now we're back and looking for an additional colorist.

About the Story:
With his Manila slum under siege, Smeck the Wharf Rat is forced to flee for his life, only to find himself in a fantastical sewer-underworld of a multilateral development bank that financed his community’s destruction. Lording over this stinking domain is Admiral Schmutzig von Schiesse, a former Nazi cockroach, who reveals the bank’s secret war criminal past and its present-day death-grip on the region. Inspired by true events, CESSPOOL KAMIKAZES is both hard-hitting parody and biting social commentary, an insider exposé into the corrupt underbelly of development banking and the severe environmental and social consequences of its sloth, arrogance and greed.

What We’re Looking For:
The entire graphic novel is 10 chapters: 132 pages long. We already have a colorist on board who's doing chapters 1 to 5, and we're looking for a second colorist to take on chapters 6 to 10. To apply for the job, you must:

1) Be able to match the style of the current colorist:

(We are looking for someone who can do grit and darkness and has a good eye for balancing warm and dark tones. This is not a superhero book, so we'd like to veer away from anything too bright and garish.)

2) Be available to start immediately and work full time. We need someone who can do approximately 65 pages in 3 months. Our deadlines are strict but fair, (you're required to turn in 5 pages per week) but weekly check-ins and output are a must.

Our deadlines were setup in preparation for a conference, so we cannot accommodate any delays.

Paid Test Page:
We will be looking through all submitted portfolios and shortlisting 2-3 candidates to do a paid test page. Once given the script, you will have 2 days to turn over the page. If selected, you must be available to start immediately.


Payment & Terms:
We are offering $50 per page. A 5-page downpayment will be made upon the start of the project, after which payment will be made every ten pages that are submitted and approved.

We will send payment within 48 hours of receiving completed pages. All payments will be made via Paypal.

This is a work-for-hire position.

File format:
300 DPI .TIFF files uploaded to the team Dropbox, created to spec. (We will send you the printer’s page template.)

Submission info:
Please email cesspoolkamikaze@gmail.com with the following:

-Sample sequential pages (published or unpublished are both welcome) and/or a link to your portfolio with sequential samples

-Published bibliography, if any (Independent, personal projects are also welcome)[/QUOTE]

About Me:
My name is Liezl Buenaventura and I've been working in comics since '09. You can check out my published bibliography online at ComicVine (http://comicvine.gamespot.com/liezl-buenaventura/4040-62389/issues-cover/).

12-12-2016, 06:19 AM
Many thanks to all the talented colorists who submitted! We're closing submissions for now while we select an artist. Thank you!

12-16-2016, 08:25 AM
Many thanks to all the artists who submitted. Due to the volume of submissions, we could only reply to those we selected to do a test page, and from those we have already hired a colorist.

The position is now closed.