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11-22-2016, 05:30 PM
So Who are You?

I'm Alex Moya, an indie writer whose upcoming books you can check out here: https://alexmoyawriter.com/books/

I'm currently looking for artists (pencils/inks) to act as collaborators for a project I'm submitting to some fairly big publishers. I'm someone who's primarily worked with smaller indie publishers, but am looking to expand my horizons with a much bigger project!

So What's the Project?

The project is a Horror/Action series inspired by classic monster movies and pulp vigilante fiction. I have a six-issue arc planned, and if all goes well, I hope to keep it going past that. If you like stuff like Evil Dead, Tales From the Crypt or Top Cow/Spawn this'll be right up your alley!

What Kind of Art/Artist Are You Looking For?

I'm open to several styles, ranging from over-the-top to more realistic. Art that takes after Spawn/Top Cow would be greatly appreciated though! NO MANGA though (Joe Mad-style stuff is fine).

Also, I'd prefer US/Canada-based artists. I'm certainly open to talent from other countries, but in terms of collaboration, it helps to stay more local.

Alright, So What's the Pay?

Rev split (artist gets the bigger share) + 50/50 ownership of IP. Willing to negotiate further as well.

I've already shown the concept/script to editors and a couple publishers, and at least one Diamond Distributor-using one is pretty interested in the concept. So honestly, it's not a matter of "if" we'll get published, but "who'll" do it.

What I'm NOT looking for is someone who's just looking to do a 1-2 issue commission. I'm looking for a creative partner, someone I can work with on this project and share the IP with down the line, preferably someone like me who's done shorts or smaller indie projects and wants to work on a bigger project.


If so, feel free to send samples of your sequentials or any questions you may have to ajwritescomics@gmail.com

Thanks and I look forward to your response!