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11-21-2016, 01:00 PM
Hi everyone, here I am again.

So, after my first set of spiderman pages had been reviewed and criticized, I made another one, with the purpose of a portfolio review with Marvel at Lucca Comics 2016.

This time I went minimal, focusing on bringing out what really was important in each panel.

The result was much better, in terms of storytelling and revewing, although I made an inconsistency mistake placing the truck and man lying on the ground on another lane (Difficult to explain, but very simple to see).

Along with these set, I prepared an Icon/Image comics centric one and a DC comics centric. I'll post them soon.

Just wanted to share them with everybody.





11-22-2016, 11:29 PM
These pages are very good.
I like the fact that you did swap Batman , the original character in the script, for the Spider-Man. Good idea.
Very dynamic pages. :thumbs:

11-23-2016, 01:11 PM
Thank you scribbly, sadly is one of the few professional script we can find online...we have to make do

11-25-2016, 01:20 PM
Maybe you should check this book with all comics scripts for Spiderman by Michael Bendis.
Good stuff for your practicing.
Enjoy it.

11-26-2016, 08:33 AM
Looks great! Totally professional and visually interesting.

11-26-2016, 11:03 PM
I think Spider-man appears to quickly in page3 panel 1.
Drawing Spider-man getting into the car in page 4 panel 5 would have been appreciated.
Otherwise keep it up!

11-27-2016, 07:19 AM
Thanks everyone, I appreaciate it!