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11-17-2016, 10:33 AM
Hey, everyone! I'm here to tell you about my comic series, Galaxy Girl, and my current Kickstarter campaign. Galaxy Girl is a mysterious space alien who comes to earth to abduct a suburban teenage boy for space faring shenanigans and, ultimately, dissection. Galaxy Girl Versus the Universe comprises Issues two and three of the series and features six short stories drawn by six very different and very talented artists. Missed Issue one? No problem! You can jump right in to the episodic tales of G.G. and crew without missing a beat, or you can pick up Issue one as an add on reward. Have a friend who shares all of your tv and movie interests but has never picked up a comic before? Galaxy Girl is the book for them! Its quick pace and accessible format make it the perfect book for first time comic readers and seasoned floppy book vets alike.

Please watch the video and share with your friends! I know you will love Galaxy Girl!


https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-wP_0TUYPkQY/WC3K68jGqiI/AAAAAAAAD30/Vo-CRrizrfgpGDtbme-p6MqrdwZiNAexACLcB/s1600/4GALAXYGIRL%2BVersus%2BPromo%2BWith%2BLogo%2Band%2 Btitle.jpg