View Full Version : What's your Freelance/Work-For-Hire Process?

11-16-2016, 05:51 PM
Hey everyone! I've been doing some comic freelance/work-for-hire jobs, and I'm curious how you guys handle this kind of work.

What's the usual process for these kinds of jobs?

How often do you send the client proofs of your work? Daily? Weekly?

How do you handle revision requests?

What do you do to keep from working for pennies?

What is your work schedule like every day?


Lee Nordling
11-16-2016, 11:46 PM
So many questions...so many disconnected questions.

Let's cut through the chaff.

First, editors set the schedule for daily/weekly delivery, and hopefully there was a chat about your process and how it works. 'nuff said there.

Next, dealing with revision requests is pretty basic: do them, discuss them, or fight them, and if you choose doors number 2 or 3 you could be fired, and that might be okay.

Here's the problem with that question: it doesn't take into account a discussion with the person who contracted you (presumably an editor, but not necessarily) for how you're going to work together.

Re. what do you do to keep from working for pennies, don't if you don't want to. I know, that seems like a smart-ass answer to a question, but, like previous questions, it ignores the idea that there was a discussion about the job, what you would and wouldn't own, and what you would and wouldn't get paid, and how much you need the job for your own reasons, and how much you want to do the job for your own reasons, understanding that your want and need are two different things.

Re. work schedules, I'll let others answer for themselves, but I work seven days a week, and for as many hours as I can. But it usually doesn't feel like it, because I love what I do.

Re. what I THINK that question was probably more about, creators need to understand how long it takes them to do stuff, and understand that video game time and watching movies time and goofing around time needs to take a backseat to commitments made to get work done on time.

Re. that last thought, most creators who work too closely to deadline aren't giving their projects the time they deserve. Wish that wasn't true, but that's been my observation.

11-17-2016, 01:20 PM
If your freelance work is for individuals, like writers, just ask about expectations for how long the process will take and at what stages work will be reviewed and, presumbly, changes are still possible (and how many are reasonable). You should also protect yourself by requesting a deposit for any large projects, and releasing final high-res files only after getting paid.