View Full Version : Illustration Job pay is $73.00

11-01-2016, 10:45 PM
We have several illustrations we need for our startup comic fantasy art company. We are looking for several artists to fill the job. Preference is given to artist who work in traditional mediums.

Please read all the requirements for this job carefully if you cannot meet them please do not apply.

1. You will be required to sign and mail us a work for hire contract before starting the job. We will own all the rights to the work out right and all the original art created in conjunction with this job which you will be required to send to us. We will pay all postage for sending in the original art in addition to the $73 payment. You WILL receive full credit for your work.

2. You must be able to receive payment via paypal if you do not have paypal do not apply for this job.

3. You must be able to agree to the following payment schedule. You will submit a 400 dpi or higher resolution scan of at least 2 thumbnails sketches of your illustration assignment for approval by our art director. You must be willing to do at least 2 revisions to your thumbnails. Once your illustration is complete you will need to send us a 400 dpi or higher resolution scan of your finished illustration. Upon receiving this scan you will be paid 50% of the job ($36.50) via paypal. Upon receiving the original art you will be paid the remaining balance of the job ($36.50) plus reimbursement for all shipping costs of said art work. This final payment will be made within 48 hrs from the time we receive the original art.

4. The medium of the illustration assignment we commission will be determined by the applicants portfolio i.e. if the illustration is to be black and white, pencils, inked or full color. Payment will be $73.00 regardless of the medium.

5. Deadline to complete each illustration assignment is 3 weeks from the time of start

If you can agree to the following terms please send a link (NO ATTACHMENTS) of your portfolio / work to sam kressin @ gmail

Credibility and background; my name is Sam Kressin I have published several comic books working with a number of creators who I have always paid on time and as agreed upon for their work. Here are my website if you'd like to do further research on me or my history as a publisher http://strengthmonsters.com (http://strengthmonsters.com)and http://worlds-deadliest.com If you would like references I would be more than happy to send them to you.