View Full Version : Looking for 7 page story Comic Artists

Nicholas Alexander
10-31-2016, 03:53 PM
Blackhole Comics is looking for artists to pencil and ink 7 page stories for its 2-for-1 series Blackhole Universe. Unfortunately we are not budgeted for paying artists a page rate currently, but we will provide 50 comp copies of the issue upon completion. This is a great opportunity for a young artist to get work in print. We understand and appreciate the value of art, and the time and dedication it takes to be able to create, but we are currently over-extending our budget for books as we grow. We have too many characters and stories that we're trying to tell and not enough money for artists to get them done. Sure this is a longshot, but we're hoping maybe we can find some talent looking for experience, and to get something in print. This could be an opportunity that leads to paid work down the line, but temper expectations as far as that is concerned. To learn more about these projects please email Nick Flair at Blackholecomics@Gmail.com, and include samples of comic art. To learn more about us check out Blackhole-Comics.com, our facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BlackholeComics/) page, or follow @BlackholeComics (https://twitter.com/BlackholeComics) on Twitter!