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JC Lacek
10-25-2016, 01:45 PM
Ok guys, here is the situation.

A couple months ago I began to submit a project I co-created / wrote with a very talented illustrator to major comics publishers. Several publishers expressed interested in the book, but unfortunately, we were unable to move forward with print publishing due to technical issues. That project is called Facepuncher, it can be viewed for free here

One of these publishers (I'll gladly explain who over email) who was interested in Facepuncher has offered me the opportunity to pitch another book concept instead, which I have on deck. The problem is, though, the original artist from FP is no longer available.

Here is what I'm looking for - an illustrator with a portfolio with at least some published work (hopefully with some reputable companies, please take a look at the Facepuncher link above. If your work is not in the general range of quality as the illustration in Facepuncher, I will not be able to work with you for this submission)

What I need from you - You will be able to pencil and ink 6 pages of sequential art (plus possibly a mock cover) for the submission package at a rate of $75 per page. Also, in the case that the project is picked up, you will commit to being available for the 6 issue mini-series. We can discuss the details of this point can also be discussed over email in further depth.

Timeframe of turnaround - You are available to do these 6 pages within the next 3-4 weeks

What I need from you style-wise - Your characters are developed in a way that are emotionally dynamic, especially in the face and eyes. You have experience with a broad range of genres (this project encompasses neo-noir, cosmic fantasy, and elements of horror), and can handle high action as well as basic back and forth dialogue equally well. Also, you are ok with allowing each page of pencils getting a maximum of 3 revisions on my part before going to inks.

Ok, so to get things streamlined, here are the details

What Iím paying - the initial 6 pages pays $75 per page

How Iím paying - For the 6 page rate, I will pay via paypal within 7 days upon delivery of the invoice. A finished page is defined as a finished inked page rendered in a hi-res tif format, which should be sent along with invoice.

About me:
JC (James Christopher) Lacek is a writer whose disciplines varies in both genre and style, including comic books, playwriting, and short fiction. JCís fiction has been published in acclaimed literary journals such as OneTitle and Writers Who Rock. His latest play, Abomination on Bolt Mountain, headlined at San Franciscoís 2016 Greenhouse Theatre Festival and has been produced nationwide. JC co-authored Gray Havenís graphic novel, Kaiju, and currently, writes for and manages Whiskey Tango Comics, including titles such as, The Devilís Share, Dog Days of Raleigh Bottom, and Andy Griffith Must Die.

here are some of my links to my comics credentials

Ok, I feel that pretty much sums things up.

All interested inquiries please contact facepunchercomic@gmail.com

I'll be glad to discuss the finer details of the project at that time