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10-24-2016, 11:45 PM
hi there

i have a comic ive been working on for a while im at a good point in the script and want to add a artist to the team

the comic is satire/dark comedy plus elements of superhero comics developing into more

we are open to styles at this point me and the co writer will have a discussion as to what works best from your submissions

this project will be on kickstarter as soon as possible there is still work to be done

at this point i cannot pay you however you don't have to begin work until kickstarter goal is reached but any work you do complete in this time we will keep track of and you will be paid when the goal is reached

this next part is important

the desired artist will

-be willing to sign nda and contract for pay and expectations
-be available for meetings via video chat
-keep us in the loop if your running late let us know its not a issue communication is key
-we are not looking for artists with unrealistic expectations as far as pay goes you may have had a certain pg rate in the past do not expect us to uphold a ex label pg rate

we will be fair and will reward our artist and are willing to negotiate

contact me at