View Full Version : Artist Wanted - Token Payment

10-24-2016, 08:26 AM
This morning I had an idea.

A parody comic called "Social Justice Warrior". The more I thought about it the more I laughed. I can see the spandex emblazoned with "SJW", the 90's action cartoon serial theme song (Think Toxic Crusader or Captain Buck O'Hare). The whole thing reeks of snide stupidity on my part.

However, I really want to produce a one page story. Essentially a joke. So with that in mind I am looking for an artist(s). I am thinking someone with a clear,clean, manga-esqe style. Think more Jimmie Robinson than Michael Lark.

As this is a one off thing I am willing to pay. So please reply below with a link to your sequentials and a rough idea of price.

If it works out I might make some more or turn it into a webcomic.
If I don't well it will go into a folder on my hard drive and never be seen again.

At the moment I am just looking for pencils and inks but I may get it colored if I like it enough. There is no script just now as I like to write for my artists but I assure it will be no more than 9 panels.

Any questions please just ask.