View Full Version : Seeking: Co-Creator ARTIST

10-22-2016, 05:41 PM
I'm searching for an artist who is wanting to take the jump with me and begin a comic book career! I'm looking for a disciplined, accountable, reliable artist who wants to take on a creator owned collaboration.

What does this mean? You and I both take on the risk, as a team, to develop a knock out property to pitch (and hopefully) get published by companies like Image, Boom! and Dark Horse. We both take home 50/50 profit and we both dedicate our time to produce quality work.

If it's a challenge you'd be interseted in tackling with me. Submit your resume (if you have one) along with a portfolio, or 5 image set of sequential art to:


Let me reaffirm, this is not a pay-up-front gig. We both will not make a dime unless this book sells. So anyone looking for pay-for-work up front, please move along.

Thank You.