View Full Version : [PAID] Looking for an artist for a two-pager ($100 per page)

10-18-2016, 01:15 PM
What's going on, interwebs? Iím looking for an all-in-one artist for a short (and entirely silent) two-pager.

What the story is about: A marine veteran dealing with PTSD. The full short can be read through the following Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3c7aer7akhxudnb/As%20You%20Were.docx?dl=0
Your role: Two penciled, inked, and colored pages.
My role: Writer & letterer.
Deadline: October 30th
Payment: $200 divided into two $100 payments.
- Payment #1 will be upfront; payment #2 will be made upon completion.
- Both payments with be through Paypal within 24 hours.

Who am I?:
For information about myself (and samples), check out my personal site (http://www.chasexclamationpoint.com).

Contact Information:
If interested, send an e-mail to chasexclamationpoint@gmail.com
- Please include a link to your website/portfolio. Do not include attachments.
- Please make sure "PTSD SHORT" is listed somewhere in your subject line. This is to ensure all e-mails get routed to the appropriate folder on my end. Haha it makes things muuuuch more manageable.

I'll be making my final decision within the next 48 hours!

10-21-2016, 04:35 PM
Thanks for the interest, everyone! Iíve received an overwhelming amount of portfolio submissions from some extremely talented people. Although I found my collaborator for this project, Iím sure Iíll be reaching out to some of you in the future. Keep making awesome things!