View Full Version : Looking for co-creator artists

Jay D'Ici
10-18-2016, 01:05 PM

I am Jay D'Ici, writer and co-creator of the comic CONCEPTUAL HEIST ( http://conceptualheist.tumblr.com/ ) and THE UNFINDING OF ERASMUS CIVITATUM (http://the-unfinding.tumblr.com/). I also have a regular newsletter with Science Fiction novelist Davila LeBlanc.

I am looking for artists to collaborate with on new comic projects. I am looking to start with short 5-20 page short stories, and just release them on-line at first and possibly later create mini comic versions to sell, or possibly with enough stories and people to work with create an anthology to publish via Kickstarter.

I have larger and longer stories I desperately want to get to, but I figure doing some short stories will be a good way to figure out if we work well together.

Thanks for your time.