View Full Version : Penciller/Inker/Creative Soul Mate Wanted For Gonzo Grindhouse Action Miniseries

10-17-2016, 04:16 AM
Hey yo, artists!

I'm looking for a talented draftsperson to provide pencils and inks for a mini-series I'm working on. It's a fun project with lots of gonzo action and energy. It's female-centric and inspired by the revenge tales of 70's Grindhouse cinema (stuff like "Lady Snowblood", "Sex and Fury", "Zero Woman", "They Call Her One Eye"). I need an artist who's good with rendering females of all shapes, sizes, and ages--and also comfortable with over-the-top violence and racy subject material.

Looking to do four 12-page issues (48 pages total) at $350/issue ($1400 total). I will pay $350 via paypal no more than 7 days after delivery of final art for each issue (but I am flexible in regards to payment schedule).

I need to have the entire book penciled and inked by the start of next year, no later than March 2017. I'll need all final inked art delivered as a LZW compressed 600dpi TIF file with a bitmap image profile.

I'm a Los Angeles based writer/artist. My day job, I work for NBC-Universal Television Development, trying to create "The Next Big Thing" for my NBC Overlords. My night job, I create comics. I've self-published my own comic work for the last couple of years, and have done some anthology work with small publishers. You can check out some of my stuff at my website, www.spacemandead.com.

I'm looking to make a bigger splash with this project and intend on shopping it around to publishers. I'm going to table at comic conventions on the west coast of the United States. Wondercon, Phoenix Comic-con, Amazing Las Vegas, LA Comic Con--just to name a few--and want to have this project completed (fully drawn, lettered, and colored) for the start of the 2017 convention season.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this ad! If you're interested in the project, send some samples of your work to my e-mail, spacemandead@gmail.com. All work is welcome, but I'd prefer to see sequentials that show off your storytelling chops. I can't wait to see your brilliant work and I hope this is a match made in heaven!