View Full Version : Paid - Artist, 6 Page Fill-In, $15 per page

10-14-2016, 12:57 AM
Hello. My name is Searnold. I'm looking for an artist to do a fill-in arc on my webcomic, "Behind the Hero." It will be for 6 pages. I am paying $15 per page for colored pages or finished B&W's.

The arc will begin posting on 11/24/16, so, ideally, all 6 pages would be finished by 11/20/16 (to allow time for lettering). My ideal timeline would be 1 finished page per week between now and then, but I am flexible if you prefer to work in chunks.

I prefer to pay via Paypal but can be flexible. If you accept Paypal, payment will be made for each page the same day as the final art for that page is approved.

Please e-mail samples (links or attachments, both are fine) of recent work to SuperSearnold@yahoo.com.