View Full Version : Seeking Concept/Character Artists for Animation/Theatre Project - Epic Fantasy Drama

Hei Stories
10-13-2016, 08:28 AM
We're aiming to in the long term produce an animated series to begin production in mid-2017. In the lead up to this, we're putting on a theatrical production in January and then in March in London. The theatrical production will take the form of an 'animatic'. This means that whilst the actors act with their voices, the stories will be accompanied by music and projected art, one or two pieces per scene.

We are currently looking for a range of artists to produce a drawing per scene (there are approximately 13 scenes). This means that there is plenty of opportunity for different artists to get involved and contribute as much as they like. The story is an international superhero fantasy, you can find a short blurb below. If you're interested, please email us on heistories@gmail.com with a sample or link of your art and we will assign you a scene that we think works best with your style. In addition to the blurb below, you can find more of our work on heistories.wordpress.com/blog and on our Hei Stories Youtube channel. Looking forward to hearing from you! Iosef, Hei Stories.

The story, titled 'Asem' is an exclusive adaptation from our novel - Seeking Scarlet At The End Of The World. The world has grown reliant on a young heroine refugee known as Asem, who draws power from the life force and emotions of living things. Over time, she becomes heart-broken and turns away from the world. Soon after, the similarly embittered insurgent known as Iconoclast assaults the city of Polis Earth utilising marginalisation and sorrow to fuel her movement. Petra, a community leader and Asem's lover and friend takes it upon herself to reach out to Iconoclast and change her mind about the world, whilst spreading a message of love and hope. This is a world in which deities known as Constellations exist alongside people, whilst some of us (known as Fragments) are born with extraordinary abilities. At the centre of the story are the two great global movements the marginalised Raindance and the more mainstream Orion Alliance, with people having different interpretations of what the movements mean to them. However, the Raindance at its core is built on independence and rebellion, whilst Orion is built on idealism. Petra represents the majority of peaceful Raindancers, whilst Iconoclast represents the radical minority.