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10-13-2016, 12:26 AM
What is this comic about?
It's a five-page story plus a cover (total: six pages of art) about the pains and insecurities of growing up. In many ways, it's a story about toxic masculinity, but it also heavily dives into anxiety and trauma. It takes place during a little league baseball game and focuses on a eleven year old boy named Wussey. I have a history with depression, anxiety, and PTSD so it's kind of a personal story.

Who/what am I looking for?
An artist/collaborator who can pencil and ink, but first help come up with the art pieces for the pitch deck itself. I see this comic in black and white with maybe touches of bold color, if any. Someone who can draw children, cartoonishly muscular men (like 90's Image comic levels of muscular), and can draw drama and comedy. I see this comic being sometimes comical and other times borderline melodramatic as it's through the main character's POV. There are experimental elements in this script so I'm hoping for someone who is willing to get wild with me. A collaborator willing to add their own touches and experiments to it in order to make it as much theirs as mine. I'm not the kind of writer who believes his script is absolute, but I do believe in talking everything through. Also, if you have experience developing a successful pitch or two, that would be a bonus.

Who am I?
My name is Andrew Leamon. I most recently wrote the 10-pg poetry comic "Hope Valley", drawn by the excellent Steven Charles Rosia (available now on Gumroad). I currently write SEO copy for a huge retail chain corporation. You can find samples of my professional work at andrewleamon.com. I plan on including pieces from my comic "Hope Valley" soon. You can also find me on twitter: @aleams. I'm happy to answer any additional questions at my email found below.

What do you need for the pitch deck?
The editor is asking for concept art which I might like it becoming sketches of the cover (which I have a great idea for in my script) and some character designs of Wussey, the Pitcher, and Coach. The pitch must be submitted by October 31st so I'd love to see character designs and concept art by no later than October 28th. I know it's kind of fast, but you will be paid accordingly.

How can I be contacted?
If you think you would be a great fit, please contact me by e-mail at andrew.b.leamon@gmail.com. Send me your portfolio and any relevant pages or drawings. If you have any questions that I haven't covered here, please feel free to ask.

1. This ad is to help first create the pieces for a pitch deck to send to the editor of the mental health anthology (http://mentalhealthanthology.com/). So the comic itself isn't guaranteed, but I want this comic to exist with or without the anthology. However, I'd like to take this one step at a time.
2. The anthology proceeds go to a great charity (check it out on the website) so we aren't getting paid by the publisher, but I will definitely pay you for your work on this deck (no matter what) and the comic (as of now, you won't be asked to create the comic itself unless it gets accepted) separately. I've never been more confident in anything I've written before so I think it will be likely accepted, but anything can happen.
3. I'm not sure what a good price is for what I need (as listed above), but let's say for DW guidelines sake $50 for what I need for the pitch deck and $55-75 a page depending on time required to develop each page. These prices are 100% negotiable. I'm happy to work out a deal if I think you'd bring a lot to the project and I can afford it. Anyway, you would be paid by email, or whatever your preferred method of payment is, upon me receiving your artwork.

10-18-2016, 01:48 AM
Hey, friends! I found my artist. Thank you all so much for your emails. I have a webcomic I'm going to want a collaborator for so I hope to hear from you all soon.