View Full Version : Paid work for a 5-page pitch with a Grant Opportunity!

09-23-2016, 09:47 AM
Hello! My name's Andy Eschenbach, a self-employed artist/writer who funds my own comics off of tips from my Tattoo Studio. You can see a couple of my books on www.readchallenger.com , or find my tattoo art at flyingtigertattoo.blogspot.com. I'm looking for a penciller/inker, and colorist on a proposal for the Creators for Creators grant. It envolves 5 finished pages of a 64-100 page story and a pitch document. Applicants can not have been previosly published (unless in anthologies), and the winning team gets a 30,000 dollar grant along with attention from publishers. If you are unfamiliar, you can Google "Creators for Creators Grant", or I can provide documents if necessary. The Deadline is November 1st, and a short application form is required. I have two stories, one of which is a satyrical parody of a cooking show with a touch of Kimmy Schmidt, and the other a post-apocalyptic giant-robot story about misinterpreted Darwinism. Both have completed scripts for their respectve first issues's. If you've got the chops for either of these, and you haven't been formally published, send examples of your work to andrew788@gmail.com . Please, don't use the messaging here on Digital Webbing, and PLEASE DON'T RESPOND IF YOU'VE BEEN PUBLISHED. I can pay 80 usd pp for pencils and inks, 30pp for colors, via paypal (unless requested otherwise), within 48 hrs of finishing the job. Jobs are considered finished when I receive completed pages in hi-rez tiff format in my dropbox. I'm looking forward to seeing your art! Thanks!

10-01-2016, 08:42 AM
Thank you to everyone who responded. Noce work! Someone has been chosen for the job, so no more responses are necessary. Keep making awesome art! Thanks again!