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09-22-2016, 06:08 AM
I am a dialogist/screenwriter based in Japan. I am looking for a previously published professional penciler/inker/colorist to work on a creator-owned pitch for a Graphic Novel. The pitch would include 6 pages of Sequential Art + 4/5 character studies/concept art illustrations. All in full colour.

For this project the designer will be expected to provide high end professional art in a hybrid style with Manga, French BD and American influences.
French Publishers ‘Les Humanoïdes Associés’ and 'Soleil' might be considered as good (though not binding) references.


The budget for the whole pitch is $1600 USD. This would make for roughly 150 $ per page (or illustration). If you are only a penciler/inker, but are interested, please submit your work but consider that the budget will have to be partially redefined.

If your portfolio will be selected, there will be an initial (paid) test assignment. What I am looking for is a reliable professional that can commit to a long term project and can comply to deadlines. Availability for occasional audio/video conference calls is also required.


Paypal is the preferred payment method. The terms of payment will be as follow:

- 30% after approval of paid test assignment.
- 30% upon delivery of first half of the assignment (first 5 pages or illustrations)
- Remaining 40% within 48 hours of receiving the final art for the whole project.

All final art will have to be submitted in 300 DPI LZW-compressed TIFFs.


The project can be described as psychological ‘bio-alien’ sci-fi with strong psychedelic elements. Note that this project is intended from the outset as a group project. The main illustrator will have to be willing to collaborate with other conceptual artists, integrating in his or her vision concept art that will be coming from other sources.


I am based in Japan but I’m Italian. I am starting a new Indie company here, and this would be one of our first projects. In Italy I have worked as an independent filmmaker, wrote several movie scripts (2 of which were optioned), and have extensive experience as a dialogist/adaptor. This project would be my first foray into Graphic Novels. If you want, you can check my Linkedin profile here:


Imdb profile


Please send samples of completed sequential pages and/or your portfolio to the address below. Preferably with the subject line reporting the Ad title or just simply “Sequential Art Submission”. A few lines explaining why you think you would be a good fit for this project will be an appreciated bonus.


Feel free to contact me with any question you might have. Thank you very much for your time and attention!

Marcello Mercalli

09-30-2016, 11:23 PM
Thanks to everyone who has submitted their work! Between this and other ads posted online we have received over 200 submissions, and still counting..
We are now reviewing the material and it will probably take some time since we are rather busy at the moment.
If you are reading this ad now, you can still submit your portfolio. We will post again once the position will be considered closed.
To all those who have submitted their work, please bear with us a little longer, we will let update this ad in the next few weeks!
Thank you very much!