View Full Version : Seeking Artist For A 5-Page Pitch Submission

09-13-2016, 01:10 AM
I am a writer based in New York City looking for a co-creator/collaborator to work on a creator-owned pitch submission to the Creators for Creators Grant (http://creatorsforcreators.org/submissions/). I need someone who can provide lineart, colors, and letters for 5 interior sequential pages, with a hard deadline of 10/30/2016.

The story is about a man haunted by guilt and chased by regrets who has to survive an increasingly broken reality and a descent into madness. Influenced by Philip K Dick, Garth Ennis, Wong Kar Wai, and Brendan McCarthy, black humor weaves through and surrounds the themes of disillusionment, duty, loneliness, and psychedelia. The total page length of the story, for the purposes of drafting the proposal and figuring out the overall pacing, will be determined by you.

The rate I am offering is $140 USD per page ($700 USD in total) paid through PayPal: half ($350 USD) up front, within 48 hours after the 5-page script has been sent to you via e-mail, and the remaining half ($350 USD), within 48 hours after you have sent all 5 completed pages, at 300 DPI LZW-compressed TIFFs, to me via email.

Please send samples of completed sequential pages with colors and letters to kevingfong@gmail.com with the subject line "Sequential Pages". In the body of the email please let me know what city you're in and what you hate to draw and what you love to draw.

To get a sense of who I am, please visit https://kevingfong.com/works/.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for considering this heavy undertaking.