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JL Straw
09-03-2016, 08:25 AM
Hi all and thanks for stopping by.

In October 2014 I finally took the plunge and work began on my own comic book series with writer David Head and artist Micky. I'm very blessed to have the both on board.

Although SH is a comic book series, we're taking it one comic at a time (well, they are, I'm not; I have to plan the entire series while they focus on one comic at a time). Currently we're working through the 3 draft of issue 1 and a one shot, but I wanted to start sharing the project's development and talking about the process. To that end I'll be posting concept art to start with and as we progress to sequential art I'll share some of that too.

I suppose I should start by giving a little paragraph on what SH is about.

SH follows the founding of an organisation (which will grow and become S.N.I.E.O.) by 6 individuals (Colonel, Jeffrey, Athena, Sonja, Dr. Freeman and Conrad) who are the main protagonists. The group of civilians are brought together by a Special Branch Military officer, simply called Colonel, to combat the invasion of the antagonists, who come from another dimension. However along with battling their adversaries, they must deal with the political resistance to their cause by politicians with their head buried in the sand. Naturally each character has their own journey and must find their own place and I'll go into more of that as I share the concept art.

There is also a subplot that runs throughout the series which deals with questions of religion vs God and centres mainly around Athena and Conrad as the series progress.

SH is set in the distant future where galaxies have long since been colonised by Mankind.

There's a lot of world building going on which is adding to the richness and depth of the series, but my word is it a lot of work! At times it's daunting but it adds so much to the storytelling it's worth it.

I should also add this is a story that's been stewing in my brain for nearly 20 years. So glad I'm finally doing this.

For now I'll leave you with the intro we put together. I'll post the first concept art sheet in a few days. I'll also talk more about the story for first comic, SH: Genesis, in due course.

Cheers :D