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Attack of the Sea dragon god (B.O.T.R.P 3)

Originally Battle on the red planet 3: Legion of Evil

By Scott Lee Jinks

B.O.T.R.P Issue #2

(c) 2015 S.L.J

Page 1(whole panel)

We see glowing image of Obelisk and Deja Vu being teleported back to Earth, scene taking place on Mars.

Caption- As the Krullians teleport Obelisk and his sister back to Earth, we will be left wondering what really happened, still, the Krullians showing some semblance of empathy, teleport Obelisk out of battle, but there will be no time for remorse for the others, the battle rages on!

Page 2 (whole panel)

We see After Legion, Captain Omega, desert camouflage dew rag, desert camouflage paint on face, whited out eyes, Kirby outlined(in art eyes appear to have futuristic contacts over eyes), tan camouflage battle armor on chest, camouflage pants, tan army boots. On chest emblem with statue of liberty with half face shredded metal, pipes, stars and stripes behind it. Caucasian male, tan hero's type gloves, olive military belt. Sea Serpent, amphibious man, silver scales covering body, man's face, face and head resembles a lion fish, royal blue trunks, gold arm bracelets, whited out Kirby eyes, fangs, and talons, horns. American Eagle, silver eagle head, gold beak, Caucasian man's face under beak, nostrils, mouth seen, bronze body, gold gauntlets with eagle talons on back of hands, cape is stars and stripes. Doc Solomon, red long wavy hair, red beard of length, red uni, red leather trench coat. Lady Arthur,*
Red hair, midieval style, dress, midieval style mixed with spandex, green, holding Excalibur. Black Ops, pale almost white face, red and light blue veins seen, white out eyes, Kirby outline, darkness around eyes, aging lines, crows feet, black military beret, black special ops military uniform, battle armor, boots, military belt, multiple weapons seen in belt, ect... Beowulf, Caucasian man, blue eyes, red beard, hair, viking/barbarian type armor, like a Frazetta painting, horned helmet, silver wrist bands, sword. Andromeda, silver female android, I picture her like Metropolis, the silent film robot, yet, with long metal braids, they elongate and stun opponent. Metallic, African American male, hair, go tee, scarred face, i.d numbers and Bar code under one eye, green battle armor, bdu pants, black boots, silver, metallic wrist band(we see him transforming in later panel), Living tank, man's anatomy amalgamation with actual tank, large gun protrudes from chest, antenna, on one shoulder, Machine gun on other, white solid star on one side of chest, American flag on other, head green armor skull like, similar to Darth Vader with no helmet, and green, mouth piece kind of connects with upper chest, eyes not as large as Vaders, all armor is green. Bronze Star, bronze skinned man, with 40's hair style, tan 40's military uni, no dress uniform jacket, black army boots, chest a little unbuttoned, no medals showing. olive military belt. Cylock, red wizard attire, one side of face, Caucasian man, blue eyes, long white hair, and beard, hair forms widows peak, other half of face, cyborg, blueish silver, I picture Terminator, cyborg arm seen from one side, wizard staff being held,some futuristic weapons seen stuck in belt/sash. Pegasus, Caucasian female with long white 80's hair, Grecian style uni/spandex, white, gold wrist bands, belt, large white Pegasus wings (c) 1986 s.l.j). Mars background.

Caption- Enter the After-Legion!

Page 3

Panel 1

We see Cylock in front of twisted statue of liberty, yet in 2016.

Caption 1- In 1986 a group of mostly radiation spawned heroes and super soldiers who survived the human android war traveled in time to follow the half human son of Metallicon*....Mekhan

Caption 2- Metallicon created his son, a half human half android creation, created in his lab. His answer to the war, both races combined to faze out humans, and androids!, As he knew would happen, Mekhan would kill him, and lead his armies of mecha-men into the past!

Caption 3- After-Legions whole h.q's is a time machine, the twisted remains of the statue of liberty, which replaces our existing one! Since 1986 the team has changed, and not all members presently are from the twisted future, some call the Omega World!

Panel 2

We see Doc Solomon, and Living Tank in lab, flash back to Earth. Solomon looking through microscope.

Caption 1- We see Doc Solomon**, brought into the future by the After-Legion, during a crisis were the brain of the smartest being to ever live was needed!, He since has stayed in this time, besides being a superhero has compiled the most degrees, and doctorates ever recorded!

Caption 2- The Living Tank, like Iwo Jima, was notice by Inzinami not following orders and blowing up a building were he thought there were civilians, his tank was destroyed shortly after, Izinami as he was dying used galactic energy to turn him into the Living Tank!, he would join Iwo Jima, Bronze Star, American Eagle, Black Terror, Sea Serpent(half human son of Neptune), Purple Heart *(she healed others wounds), and Captain England in the super team known as All Star Alliance!, they were almost lost at see (Sea Serpent was not on battleship), but we're rescued by aliens, and returned in 1975, not aging a day!

*Purple Heart- not copyrighted

**Metallicon was an android soldier in the not too distant future, he became self aware and took control of the all android army, navy, air force, and marines. He proceeded to attack the rest of the globe initiating a nuclear war!....Scott

***Solomon, historical figure, not a fictional character....Scott

Page 4

Panel 1

We see Metallic. Mars landscape, part of body is covered with silver Metallic armor, it seems to be spreading over him, originating at metallic wrist band.

Caption 1- Metallic, a soldier from the twisted future, he has no name, only known as X121885, or in 2016 John Smith, was captured by Metallicons' android army, and given a powerful metallic bracelet by his android scientists, with the purpose to hunt his fellow humans!

Caption 2- The bracelet has a futuristic computer chip, it begins to go into a molten form at a mental command, and it begins to covers his whole body, and hardens, or he can also heat up areas to make stabbing weapons, it is believed magic properties exist to keep him from being burned!

Caption 3- He was later captured by the humans, deprogrammed as a human hunter, later after fighting along with the human resistance until the end of the war, would join After-Legion and follow Mekhan into the past!

Panel 2

We see Cylock on Mars landscape, magical energy around staff.*

Caption- Cylock, a powerful mutation born in the 40's, his ability*
is to travel back and forth in time with no limitations, seconds or millions of years. He became obsessed with collecting magical weapons from the past and futuristic weapons from the future, he was Injured in the human-android war and was given a part cyborg body by human resistance scientists, or he would not have survived!

Panel 3

Beowulf seen, sword raised, seems to be in battle mode, Mars background.

Caption- It's not hard to understand all the amazing tales of Beowulf, some true, some not, in reality Odin took notice of this fabled warrior and gave him demi-god like powers, similar to what Zeus did for Hercules, and Atlas, warriors the elders(Zeus, Odin, Jupiter, Ra, and Izinagi, aliens from the Planet Olympus who took Earth wives, had children and bombarded them with galactic energy) admired and gave power, and immortality too!

Page 5(whole page is panel)

Panel 1 We see Raijin, large Japanese man, built like Superman, or Thor, long white hair, not old in appearance, 30's, royal blue and silver uni, combo of samurai warrior armor, and spandex, cape, samurai like helmet lightning bolts on sides, face shown, no facial hair, whited out Asian shaped eyes, holds silver staff/lightning rod. Amaterasu, Japanese beauty, flaming , orange, red, yellow head, hair, arms seen, traditional Japanese attire not burning. Daikaiju, 25 ft Japanese man in green spandex uni, with mask. Jade Lion, Japanese man, transformed mystical guardian, human anatomy amalgamation with Japanese shishi lion statue, green jade armored skin. Manster, two heads on hulking body, torn scientist jacket seen, pants shredded near calf, one head human scientist, other half ape, man. Ryujin, blue scaly skin, dragon like spikey, pointy ears, hair like thin jelly fish tentacles, wears a gold samurai like uniform/armor, white cape. Ghost Girl, white Caucasian blonde, black and white spandex, seen ghostly Japanese teen aged girl holding her under arms, blonde levitating, lots of long black hair from teen wrapped around her, teen pale white, whited out Asian eyes, white tattered dress. Mamakaze, Japanese woman, 20's, long straight black hair, red and white colors on mask, uni/spandex, similar design to Japanese flag. Yama, mountain shaped grey rock skinned man monster, top of head is point and gradually gets wider going down till it hits shoulders then more human like anatomy(artists drawing head and part of shoulders like triangle, but not neat, rocky), large wide mouth, no nose, Asian eyes, grey shorts/spandex boxers, long stalagmites going down knuckles, and under jaw, chin. Roc and Rava, red skin bird/ reptile humanoids, both heroic human anatomy, human faces, bridge of nose leads to bird like slit/nostrils, whited out eyes, Kirby outlined, both have wings, talons, Roc, purple shorts/spandex rows of spikes on chest (not copyrighted), Rava((c)2015 s.l.j), old fashion woman's one piece bathing suit is what uni looks like, purple, they are from an alien planet, she has shoulder length black hair, they both have two horns on head, no ears seen.
Mr. Zen, bald Japanese man, late 40's in orange martial arts style jacket, pants, martial arts belt. Death star, Japanese man, spiked black hair, black ninja like armor/facemask covering mouth, starting around ball of nose and nostrils, black mixture of ninja uni, and body armor, and spandex, royal blue highlights, holding martial arts throwing star, crackling with magic light blue energy.

Caption - Their opponent, ....Vengeance League Tokyo!

Page 6

Panel 1

we see mamakaze flying over opponent, Beowulf.

Caption- The radiation spawned Mamakaze, flies over top of opponent!

Panel 2

We see here plummeting towards opponent and Earth!

Panel 3

Mamakaze exploding, actually only explosion seen as she hits ground, and Beowulf, Beowulf being thrown into air.

Caption- At impact she explodes, leaving not a trace of her left behind, completely evaporated!

Panel 4

We see lab, on table is a petri dish, with blood drop in it.

Caption 1- Each team has a separate h.q's constructed by the Krullians, we see in the lab of Vengeance league Tokyo h.q a petri dish with Mamakaze's blood!

Caption 2- She will completely grow back from one droplet of blood, retaining full cellular memory. Because she remembers everything right until the moment of impact, she believes she is the same soul!

Page 7

Panel 1

We see huge blue sea dragon, nearly Godzilla sized, attacking tokyo. 150 ft sea dragon.

Caption, in 2014 Ryujin, the sea dragon god attacked Tokyo because of all the radiation being spilled into the ocean!

Panel 2

We see raijin, thunder god flying over him, commanding electric storms to hit him, Amaterasu hitting him flame blasts, now the beast is on land, Manster punching at ankles, tail swatting Daikaiju.

Caption- So, the Tokyo version of Vengeance League was formed, battling Ryujin!

Panel 3

We see Ryujin in human form. Mars landscape, preparing to battle Living tank.

Caption- After the battle they made peace, and eventually he joined the team with his siblings, Raijin, and Amaterasu!

Panel 4

We see Mr. Zen, looks to be concentrating, Captain Omega looking disoriented.

Caption- Mr. Zen, team leader is a powerful mutation who can put opponent into a peaceful, "zen-like" meditation type state!

Captain Omega- Why am I feeling in such a tranquil state?, who wants to fight?, not me!

Page 8

Panel 1

Now we see Earth from space.

Caption- But what about Earth? , not a single solitary superhero left on the planet, what has become of our world?

Panel 2

We see Anubis, muscular human man covered with black onyx armor, Egyptian gold head piece, covers head extends to upper chest, front of face covered with black onyx except for eyes, gold Kirby style outline around tan skin, and brown human eyes seen, skin under eyes craggily, yellow gold piece covering upper chest with ankh, gold Egyptian material around waist, hangs down to thighs, gold cape, gold wrist bands around black onyx armor, black jackal ears stick out of gold part of helmet. Next to him Looney Tune, man in grey and white rabbit costume, yet muscular, head piece/mask looks like a combo between bugs bunny and green gobblin, evil grin with buck teeth, bulging eyes, rabbit ears, almost creepy look. In back of them NYC streets, buildings.

Caption- We find Anubis up to no good, with his henchman looney tune!

Panel 3

We see close up of two

Caption 1- Anubis, son of Ra, along with the other death gods refused to fight in the Aliens gods-Earth gods war, each of the elders had one son or daughter rule over their respected regions of the underworld, not the actual spiritual realm Hell, but a prison for their fathers enemies!

Caption 2- Before Ra's death in battle, he cursed Anubis to remain in the underworld permanently, and disfigured, Egypts most handsome god! The gates guarded by the indestructible beast with one hundred eyes!

Caption 3- In 1976 Mercury using the staff of Ra freed the death gods to help defeat Solar Storm!
(see B.O.T.R.P part 1)

Panel 4

We see close up of Looney tune

Caption 1- Anubis, besides having all of the gods powers, strength, speed, invulnerability, flight, teleporting, he has the most powerful hypnotic power on Earth!

Caption 2- hypnotizing not only Looney Tune*, but an army of super villains!

*Looney Tune- He can summon at will cartoon like weapons out of nowhere, although comical, they cause real damage, and possibly death!....Scott

Page 9

Panel 1 (whole page)*

We see Quicksand Man standing on ground, victims, pedestrians, cops sinking in quicksand like ground that was sidewalk, quicksand man, African American, Q on top of mask, orange and grey spandex uni, White Zombie, pale woman, long white hair, black dress shredded on bottom, black gloves up to biceps, black boots up to thigh, behind her swirly dimensional portal with rabid zombies seen inside it, coming out, and all ready out. Hades, grey rock armor, with cracks, covering large hulking red skinned man, half of armor has become molten, lava blasts shooting out of one arm.

Caption 1- we see Quicksand Man, able to turn any surface around him into a quicksand like substance that opponents sink into!

Caption 2- White Zombie- She can summon zombies from a zombie apocalypse in another dimension, through a dimensional portal she opens up, at that point she can control the zombies, or let them go on their own path of destruction, they never attack her!

Caption 3- Hades, one of the death gods, besides being superhuman, he has a rocky armor that can become molten lava!

Page 10

Panel 1

We see Anubis*

Caption- I feel a presence, more powerful than myself, or any of these fools, but who?

Panel 2

We see Elders, the four most powerful ones hovering above the planet.*

Caption- Anubis is right, as the four most powerful elders Apollo, Odin, Athena, and Isis* arrive!

Caption- The elders, or as some call them, the council of Asgard* arrive, the oldest, and most powerful of the elders!

Apollo- We will give one man power equal to our own, he will defeat this "Legion of Evil"!!!!

Isis- Only then shall we decide to intervene with the Krullians or not, they are powerful but cannot stand against our combined might!

Odin- Indeed!

* Apollo, Odin, Isis, Athena....even Thor, Zeus, Ra, all of these names are common names on the planet Olympus!.....Scott

**Asgard- The greatest city on Olympus!.....Scott


Panel 1

We see large half brachiosaurus man, 8 ft. grey skin, looks like hulk with no eyebrows, bald, larger mouth, large protruding brow, no ears, and thick, thick neck, not really elongated like creature, but noticeably larger than most prehistoric characters, hulking muscular body, large hands with four stubby fingers, brachiosaurus feet, not human looking feet , white boxer/spandex shorts, navy blue belt/waste band, skin wrinkles at certain joints, like you see with an elephant.(ran out of characters)

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Couldn't fit in last 2 pages.....

seen also raptor man, green scaly skin, muscular, man's face, mans shaped head, Kirby whited out eyes, black outlines, around eyes, a black outline, reaching over eye brow, and also to cheek, resembles an outline of a mask, but reptile markings, long black hair that starts with a widows peak, talons, plus raptor like talon on wrist, giving him 6. Navy blue and white spandex uni, I see them like a combo between Star Trek, and Fantastic Four, being their super hero costumes were really the standard clothing on their planet before coming to Earth. Mars background.

Caption- Back on the red planet we see some Prehumanoids* are ready for a fight!

Ravak- Let's go big man, let's show em' how it's done!

Panel 2

We see sabre - tooth tiger woman, long yellow hair shoulder length, starts out in some what of widows peak, yellow fur covers woman's face, and body, she is like in profile, angry, small fangs seen, small nails. Flying by is Pteranodon man, muscular body, man's face and head, Pteranodon elongated head piece, winged, talons, Kirby whited out eyes, all black skin. both have navy blue and white spandex. Mars background.

Caption- Marvas and Terran ready for battle, but battle who exactly?

Panel 3

We see Marvas now with long extended sabre - tooth tiger teeth, and longer claws.*

Marvas- Grrrrrrrrrrr!

*The Prehumanoids- Aliens took the DNA of dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, and humans, mixed then together and placed then on a distant planet, after evolving into a more modern world like our own, 10 scientist avoided doomsday on their planet, and found our Earth, half human, half brachiosaurus, t-rex, triceratops, mammoth, pteranodon, sabre tooth tiger, giant sloth. Anklyosaurus, raptor, and stegosaurus(stegosaurus/female char. not (c))round out the team, the t-rex (Jakkan) broke the team in half, swearing one day to rule over the humans, because they are villains, they are not on Mars.....Scott

Page 12

Panel 1, whole panel is page.

we see man with purple spiked hair, and sun glasses, purple trench coat over purple uni, takes off glasses to find purple insect like eyes, human sized, and shape, but insect texture. We see his head turning purple and growing fangs, now neck elongating, now elongating more with insect legs growing from it, jaw becoming larger, more teeth/fangs, the long.neck/ creature still attached to body, now as long as body, looks like purple centipede/Coelacanth fish combined, large jaw with huge sharp teeth, mandibles, legs with talons, then the creature is detached, man's head purple skullish, veiny, then human again. 2nd man in scene grows an exo -skeleton armor. Caucasian male with brown dreads. No armor, then full armor, white skull armor with some fanged teeth, covers face and jaw, own teeth grow into fangs, skeleton armor over ribs, organs, heart, chest, bones coming out of forearm, connected to what are bone wrists, bone hands and claws over top of wrist, and all ready clawed hands, we're ever bones pop out you can see tears in uniform. Brown and orange spandex uni.

Caption 1- The Alien Mutants, their home world Gorgon was dying, they destroyed there ozone layer and the planet was now becoming like an inferno, we're nothing could survive, before it became the end of their world thousands fled to the planet Earth, great news for them was they had a human appearance and could blend in unnoticed*

Caption 2- The exodus started in what was the 1950'S to us, if the Gorgans seemed strange or spoke with a funny accent, it was o.k, they were foreigners!, they could make up anything!

Caption 3- But as we know the planet became exposed to more radiation starting in the 40's and by the 60's a new race of super powered mutations arose on the planet, but also alien mutations, except with the powers of animals, and elements that only existed on their now extinct home world!

Caption 4- Mother, grows bizarre alien insects that he controls, on Gorgon they were only inches long, and when mother is done they Burrow into the ground, and eat worms, they are harmless!

Caption 5 -Man- Zorg, a Zorg was Gorgons deadliest, and most ferocious animal, when in danger it would instinctively grow an extra exo-skeleton armor.

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DW staff, no disrespect intended. Figured one last encore, when you guys take this down again, good enough. People kept reading B.O.T.R.P 1, and Prehumanoids after I reposted them(for an encore as well I guess), changed this title for a little dramatic effect, hope this is cool, just glad you guys are here, and for the opportunity to show my work....thanks....Scott

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FYI....Contact info....610 570 8228....email is down....Scott

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A character I didn't fit in Legion of Evil was Baron Voodoo, I see him a rich Caucasian male from a wealthy family in Haiti. A meteor with radiation lands in the fields of his vast plantation. When he takes the radioactive clay and molds dolls resembling people, he can hit the dolls with pins, and Injure the opponent he is facing. It is feared he is a voodoo doctor but he is not. Black Ops was brought back to life by a voodoo priest and turned into a zombie slave while on a mission there, a soldier. Rescued by the time traveling Cylock, Cylock fought side by side with Black Ops in the human -android war, so he would go back in time and break the spell. Yet, why would Black Ops even have been in the future with him in the first place?....Scott

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Gothic, another member of After Legion. A man from Victorian times, Timothy Black, an English scientist who was curious about the supernatural stumbled across an alternate dark dimension. He entered it, but when he came back to our reality he noticed he had new, yet very bizarre powers. He can alter our reality to a dark reality, the skies stormy and dark, buildings turn to Gothic structures, trees more barren and creepy, birds to bats, people mindless ghouls (not cannibals)and he controls everything, even animated tree branches that grapple opponents....Scott

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FYI....Google THE PREHUMANOIDS for complete origin....Scott

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Contact....610 570 8228

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DW staff, just told some people in the industry to check this out, ones that don't except submissions. Please keep it up for another week, than I will concede....thanks for the opportunity to show my work here....Scott

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