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08-20-2016, 06:19 AM
Hi everyone!!
My name is Daniel and I'm a comic artist and illustrator, here are the last pages I did, hope you like it and critics/advices are happily allowed!!!





If you want to see other works, this my website : http://danielenesci.blogspot.it/

Michael Ford
08-24-2016, 12:12 PM
You definitely have your own style, which is a great thing. Your lines are bold, crisp, and easy on the eyes. You are really good on the subtleties on the expressions. Characters always had a different expression in each panel that looked natural and were easy to read.

My biggest critique for this piece is the lack of clothing diversity. While you did a good job on making each wolf different through their ears and mouth, it was still hard to tell when we are looking at a different wolf. Like in the last panel, I had to look closer because I thought it was the same wolf whose arm was chopped off. If you intended this to be colored and each wolf has a different colored cape then you would be fine, but it would help if each wolf had different clothing. My eyes instantly look at the capes and not the ears and mouth so I have to slow down to see when it is a different wolf.

There are some minor things for improvement. The first panel should have the wolf cutting horizontally. Seeing him lift the axe above his head makes me question why and there is no need for the wood chips to be flying away since I already see enough to know he is cutting down the tree. In page 2 panel 6, the sword cutting off the wolf's arm should be directed outside the leg instead of inside. The wolf might have a wide stance, but the arms will still be wider and when I see that I imagine that this wolf was just cut down the middle. Putting the sword outside the leg would help clarify that the wolf only lost his arm.

You have a really good style and it really brings this piece to life. If you have any more pages, whether it is more from this story or something else, feel free to show them to us.

Steve Colle
08-24-2016, 01:00 PM
Hi Daniele,

It's obvious that you have a comfortable style to your art and it shows. It's appealing for a general audience, kind of reminding me of Jeff Smith's BONE work.

However, where style is working, I find that storytelling isn't clear. I was having a difficult time understanding what was happening in the sequence and couldn't comfortably decipher the story. There were a lot of clarity issues, time jumps and pacing problems, actions that didn't make sense, and so on. This was a story that, in my opinion, needed text to help explain the story because the graphics alone weren't doing their job. I definitely see potential, but it needs work and the input of someone who can either isolate the problems, train you to do so yourself, or a combination of both.

All the best.

08-30-2016, 06:42 AM
Really tanks to you who have replied to my post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you advices are precious to me ad I will work on them!!!!!!!! Thank for you time spent whatching my pages, when I will have more pages I will post them !!!! I have only a question for you, I'm searching work as a comic artist; with this kind of """"style"""" can I find work in American marketplace????
Have a good day,