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08-16-2016, 11:19 AM
I'm looking for a letterer for an upcoming project.

My name is Aaron Sullivan (@Sully_Writes (https://twitter.com/Sully_Writes)) and I've been writing comics for about two years now. I have a webcomic (www.ANIMALcomic.com) and a few anthology entries pending. I have worked with Shawn Decker and Iain Gordon from Digital Webbing on some of these projects. For this current project, I have been working with Betty Szwagierczak (@Betty_Art (https://twitter.com/betty_art)), and have been paying her regularly for her work. Unfortunately, since I'm relatively new, I don't have a ton of information I can share about my work. I have stories submitted to Comichaus that should be appearing in the coming year, but otherwise, it's just my webcomic.

I do, however, also review webcomics for www.ComicCrusaders.com. Nearly every Wednesday I post a review that someone has requested. So, if this works as an extra level of verification that I'm involved in the comic community, then great.

Immediate work: Lettering 4-5 pages for a pitch packet, paid per page upon completion.

Potential work: If things go well and the pitch gets picked up, there will be nine total issues of this comic that will be in need of lettering work.

Style: Looking for a more modern, cartoony style. Please give examples or link to your work! Be familiar with sound effects. There's lots of them.

Here's an example of some of Betty's work so you can get a feel for the style:

I'm offering $15.00 per page, but if the style is just perfect for what we need, it can be negotiated.
Email traffic is fine for an invoice. When the work is complete on a page, email a low-rez version for review, and if everything checks out (no errors, spelling problems, things that need moving, etc), I will confirm with a reply and send payment. After payment has been sent, send me the completed page at full resolution via email.
This payment will be rendered via Paypal upon completion of each individual page. I will cover Paypal's fees.
You will be paid typically on the same day per completed page, but if I am out of town or something has come up, it will be no more than seven days from when the low-rez file is sent.

Contact: Aaron.Sullivan.Writes@gmail.com. Please include your name, some examples of your work, and that you found me from Digital Webbing!

I'll provide more information on the project following contact!

08-22-2016, 09:06 AM
The response to this has been incredible! I am closing the article as I already have more people than I can sort through. Over this week, I'll narrow down and talk to people before selecting someone. Everyone will get a response, though. I won't just leave someone hanging.