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Ingrid K. V. Hardy
08-08-2016, 03:15 PM
My laptop must be replaced and I found (what I think is) the perfect one. All the stuff for scanning and imaging will work great and all that, only problem is, it's on amazon. I'm old school and like to buy from real stores, but there is nothing close to what I want in-store... only on line.

Have any of you purchased a laptop from Amazon? Was it a good experience?

08-08-2016, 03:46 PM
I've bought almost everything short of a car on Amazon. I've never had a really bad purchase experience. Also, they have the best return policy and customer support hands down. Far better than most brick and mortar stores from my experience. Of course, I only purchase from vendors that have a high satisfaction rate as well.

Duane Korslund
08-08-2016, 04:37 PM
i love Amazon for most everything...havent done much on high end electronics there, but so long as you watch the user rating, I've never had any problems.

08-08-2016, 05:03 PM
I haven't bought a laptop from them, but I have bought cameras and other pricey items from Amazon. No problems whatsoever.

08-09-2016, 12:39 AM
You can also buy directly from real brick mortar stores that sell electronics and computers online. As Best Buy, Apple or other stores you might know.
I got my cintiq 22hd straight from Wacom. I rather do that that buying it from amazon. Just in case.
A refrigerator and laundry machine from Sears. They had the best prices and coverage on these items.
Amazon service is excellent. You can return every item you purchase if it is not satisfying you.
The review system is very helpful. You can check several brands, utilities and prices before making your decision. And also buy the same product from other source online if the price seems more convenient.
If I am buying a laptop or anything computer related I would like a good tech support from whoever I'm buying it.
It could save a lot of headache.

Ingrid K. V. Hardy
08-09-2016, 08:03 AM
I've gotten tons of DVDs, a few books and the like from amazon. Finally I found the young whiz kid who used to work for a local computer store, and ordered one through him, as he still has all his connections and *cough cough* software.... Hope I made the right choice. the idea is to get one that will keep for at least four years this time. Buying super-dirt cheaper is not always cost effective, it seems... :rolleyes: But it looks like he found one that ticks all my boxes and still won't put me in the street. :banana:

Merci pour vos opinions!