View Full Version : Wanted: Letterer for 7 completed pages, few SFX (if any)

07-09-2016, 08:49 AM
My name is Jeff Rougvie, you can check out my site jeffrougvie.com or google my name; stuff will come up.

Story is a thriller, set in music biz.

Can send the script in word doc ASAP, but will need a fast turnaround. Mostly dialogue, need lettering, boxes and balloons, you should show good judgment of balloon placement.

Artist is finishing up and will deliver pages on or before Friday July 15/16.

They will need to be lettered by 9AM EST Monday July 18th as we are pitching at SDCC and will be printing ashcans before the show.

Doesn't need to be super fancy; just needs to be good.

Will pay $50 for the whole job (not per page). Because there is little call for letterers on DW, I pulled that number out of my you-know-what, but Im open to discussion.

Also, we may have another 7 pages of rough layouts before then that would be included in Ashcan. If this works out and you could letter them, too, I'd pay an additional $50.

Payment will be made by PayPal.

Because of the short turnaround time, Id prefer to pay within 24 hours of delivery of high rez jpgs of lettered pages (but hold onto all the files, I may need them!).

Timeline must be met or payment is forfeited.

Please send samples & credits (if any) to:


07-28-2016, 03:40 PM
Apologies for the late closing of this thread, but the artist flaked on me at the last minute and there were no pages to letter, leaving me scrambling to get a presentation pieced together from the character designs & roughs he'd sent in time for my flight to SDCC (where I had many positive meetings, despite the minimal art).

So this thread is dead for now & I'll be posting a thread for a new artist soon. Thanks again to everyone who responded, I have some great work & names on file for next time.