View Full Version : "The Robots Are Coming Today?" Game...1 week left!

07-07-2016, 09:13 PM
A friend of ours has a really cool Kickstarter Project. There's about a week left as of July 7, so please give it a glance if you can!

It's a tabletop game. You can get a download of the game to print yourself, or a complete version of the game. Here's more info:


Will you adapt and survive, or become obsolete? Race to escape from your job before the robot economy arrives with full forceÖ

Your Productivity Doesnít Matter Anymore

Itís the year 2030. Jobs are hard to find and harder to keep.

Mechanical arms are stronger than ever. Mechanical minds are sharper than ever. Robots work for free and can teach themselves. Automation doesnít need a bathroom break.

Some companies already replaced their staff with robots, but now competitors decide itís time to get rid of their human workers too, including you.