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07-05-2016, 12:55 PM
I write the comic book Vast Expanse. I've started a fundraising Kickstarter to get the second issue made and into the hands of readers. $4 plus shipping gets you a print copy of Vast Expanse #2. $2 gets a digital copy, and there are all kinds of other options as well.



Readers who pledge to the Kickstarter will be the first to get their hands on the book, hopefully in late August.

I'm really proud of this second issue. Lots of good art and, I think, stories. There is a 1930s Jazz Age crime caper with art by Shiloh Penfield featuring my characters Jody Ash and Daisy Smiles.

There is a 1970s Gothic suspense mystery about a mysterious figure that haunts a community theatre tryout. Art by Elias Martins and Ray Rieck.

The third story is a sci-fi story about an alien tribal leader who seeks solace in the forest and finds danger instead. Art by Guillermo Villarreal and Rosa Devine (who also worked on the first issue).

Finally, the fourth story is about an avant-garde, one-night-only performance of a play and the audience's reactions. Art by Juan Carlos Quattordio, who drew Perpendicular Lives in Vast Expanse #1.

The first issue is available online at Comixology and Indy Planet. Print and digital copies can be ordered through my website, www.townshipcomics.com too. And you can get #1 as one of the rewards for this Kickstarter.

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