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Tiger Crab Studios
06-10-2016, 02:27 PM
Good morning everyone,

My name is Daniel and I am working on several creative projects and posting a blog every Monday and Friday about design, creativity and mindsets for working on projects. I will cover elements comic books and other mediums and hopefully find areas where these overlap.

I really want this to have value to the community so if you have ideas for topics, or how this could be improved to be more relevant or interesting please let me know.


1. Originality and Inspiration (http://www.tigercrabstudios.com/2016/05/creativity-and-originality.html): "you do not have to create something out of nothing to make an enjoyable experience."

2. How and When to Share (http://www.tigercrabstudios.com/2016/05/transparency-openness-and-sharing.html): "The internet can also be a cruel and mean place, and so by clearly stating that you intention is, for example, to start a conversation and not for critical feedback, it takes a little power away from the trolls."

3. Motivation, Energy and Focus (http://www.tigercrabstudios.com/2016/05/motivation-energy-and-focus.html): " I make a conscious effort to separate creative work and logical work. Usually during the day I will come up with ideas, plans, writing and other creative work, and in the evening I will dedicate my brain to implementing and carrying out those ideas in a practical and more logical way.

4. Having one purpose to your project (http://www.tigercrabstudios.com/2016/05/having-one-purpose.html): "Stay true to the spark that lit the fire that started the engine. (A steam engine... a fire in any other kind of engine is no good)."

5. World Building Part 1 (http://www.tigercrabstudios.com/2016/05/world-building-part-1.html): "You Have To Know The Rules Before You Can Break Them "

6. World Building Part 2 (http://www.tigercrabstudios.com/2016/06/world-building-part-2-resources-and.html): Resources "The Spice Must Flow!"

7. Creating Relatable Characters (http://www.tigercrabstudios.com/2016/06/writing-relatable-characters-quick-fun.html): "Even if you have no actual plans to put your character into a dire situation, imagining how they would react to something like a their partner having an affair, losing their legs, or even a full zombie apocalypse can tell you a lot about them."


Tiger Crab Studios
06-13-2016, 02:18 PM
8. World Building Part 3: Conflict "You Took My Ball!" (http://www.tigercrabstudios.com/2016/06/world-building-part-3-conflict-you-took.html)

Tiger Crab Studios
06-17-2016, 05:21 PM
9. Finding Narrative Voice: "But even when using my own voice it is important to keep in mind who I am talking to." (http://www.tigercrabstudios.com/2016/06/finding-narrative-voice-considerations.html)

Tiger Crab Studios
06-20-2016, 08:09 AM
I have written about my process for creating my first comic book:

Creating Nevera Tales (http://www.tigercrabstudios.com/2016/06/creating-nevera-tales.html)
"I decided that I was proud of the prose story enough that I wanted to keep it in place of actual dialogue, and that the vampire's narration was strong enough exist alongside the panels of the comic book."

Also my Kickstarter is still live (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/563979601/nevera-tales) so please consider taking a moment to check that out! You can get a digital or physical issue of the comic book, original art, plus immediate access to an audio book recorded in character if you back now.