View Full Version : Looking for Artist for comedic Mature Reader comic

05-26-2016, 02:09 PM
Hi! We are WoodRocket and we are a company best known for weird adult parodies and our Ask A Porn Star video series.

We are prepping to create a comic book that is comedic and for Mature Readers (R-Rated, not X). Think Airboy or Sex Criminals, but Nonfiction, more sex-themed, and more gross-out humor. We do not have a publisher yet, so we will be pitching 6 pages plus cover, looking to make it as a comic book series or graphic novel(s).

Sold yet? If you are, we are looking for pencil/inks and lettering and colors (doesn't all have to be from the same artist, but can be) for 6 pages plus cover with interest in continuing on.

We typically pay around $70+ per page, but are open to negotiate rates.

We can pay check or Paypal.
We would need an invoice via email.
And we do have a Work-For-Hire agreement that needs to be signed.
We pay within 10 days of completion of job. Final format depends on the Publisher, but HQ PSD via Dropbox, etc is usually preferred.

If you are interested in this gig, please send samples and credits to leeroyxxx@gmail.com

Our links are too dirty for this site probably, so if you Google WoodRocket you will find our work (18+).