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05-17-2016, 08:39 AM
Hi there! My name is Lucas Gattoni; designer, typesetter and long time comic fan! I'm beginning to make a career on comic book lettering, which has always been my passion since I started noticing those beautiful intro pages done by the awesome Richard Starkings for Comicraft in the 90s.

I have included a link here (http://bit.ly/LG_Letterin) with a few samples of what I can do as a letterer (these are practise pages). I'd love it if you let me know what you think about them.

I letter digitally, but could also do some handlettering if the project demands it. I have a good package of fonts that can be used for free commercially and I'm already digitalising my own handscript.

Best regards and thanks for your time,

Lucas Gattoni
> lucasgattoni@outlook.com

05-21-2016, 05:48 PM
Looks good!:thumbs:

05-21-2016, 08:33 PM
Nice. I especially like your titles.

05-22-2016, 02:10 PM
Thanks guys! I hope this week I have more time to do a few more samples while I wait my first paid job to arrive. :)

05-25-2016, 01:51 PM
Here's my latest practice page, which I found in one of DW old posts! Let me know what you think about it, I had to make a few difficult choices here.