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05-14-2016, 09:32 PM

My name is Rick. I am looking for an artist who is interested in collaborating on a 5-issue comic book mini-series I’ve written entitled Guignol Theatre.




College student Kelly Harper attends a macabre theatre performance on a mysterious invitation. But after the curtain falls, the play may not be over.


The Grand Guignol was a French theatre at the turn of the twentieth century that specialized in naturalistic, amoral horror featuring over-the-top violence and sexual depravity: insanity, decapitation, suicide, rape, incest, murder, infanticide were de rigueur. The effects were so realistic audience members fainted and vomited during performances. The Grand Guignol closed its doors after World War II as the horrors of the real world eclipsed its perverse entertainments.

But now it has returned…

Kelly Harper, a college art student, receives an envelope from a stranger containing two tickets to a secret revival Grand Guignol performance. This incarnation of the Guignol theatre is the art project of Alice Ezra, the director and star, a cold and mysterious performer who decides to take the idea of the Guignol theatre one step further:

What if the curtain closing was only the beginning—and real life became the ultimate stage?

After attending the play, Kelly finds her boyfriend horrifically murdered. She also begins to see the various actors appear in her life as police officers, neighbors, doctors, friends, and lovers. Is she losing her mind? Is any of this real?

This is the world of GUIGNOL THEATRE. A world of shadows and spotlights. Of the blurred line between theatrical performance and the horrors of reality. A world of lust, psychosis, blood, dreams, razor blades and nightmares. What is real? What is performance? Is there a difference?

For Fans Of:

The psychological horror of Suspiria, Vertigo, The Shining, Mulholland Drive, and The Game.

Samples of My Work:

Tour Guide (http://www.rikkuneko.com/post/129578415754/tourguide) (8-page short, art by Dana Obera (http://danaobera.tumblr.com/))
Mirage (http://www.rikkuneko.com/post/113221242684/cover-first-five-pages-for-proposed-mini-series) (5-page pitch proposal, art by Marco Roblin (https://about.me/marcoroblin))


$75 per page (negotiable) for pitch submission. IP ownership can also be discussed. Payment will be made via Paypal. You will be paid within five days of submission of the final completed pages and an invoice.

I am looking for a collaborator with the same goals as mine: working towards having a career in comics. My goal is to initially create a pitch document (w/ five fully illustrated pages) to send to various publishers. From there, the path we take for development (traditional publishing, crowdfunding, etc.) will be decided mutually.

If this sounds like a project you want to be involved in, please send me your samples (both sequential and character work) and tell me a little about yourself and why you are the right person for Guignol Theatre. E-mail at richquizzle (AT) gmail.com

(Emails that read like you actually read the entire ad will be given preferential treatment!) :)

My contact info:

@richquizzle (https://twitter.com/richquizzle)
Tumblr (http://www.rikkuneko.com)