View Full Version : Do you use a Square when tabling at cons?

05-10-2016, 10:28 AM
Do you report the sales tax, and is that complicated to figure out/report?

05-10-2016, 12:02 PM
I've used a Square. The product has changed some since I used it, but I remember it as being very intuitive and easy to use and report from.

Rob Norton
05-10-2016, 10:28 PM
i use square and its pretty damn easy.

as far as the tax thing, theres a weird line. I had an interesting conversation with the professional guy that does my taxes. I gave him the forms that I filled out, where I had to send the state a whopping $12.37. my tax guy was actually pissed that the state thinks they can tax a hobby. he was saying that there is no law saying that you can tax a hobby (in Utah tax laws.) and where I basically operated at a LOSS, when all was factored in, I didn't MAKE any money, he suggested that I not even bother. I think he said the threshold for reporting was a minimum of $600 buck or something like that, which I maybe made about half of that.

so...its all kinda weird and a pain.


L Jamal
05-12-2016, 08:23 PM
Different states have different rules about sales and use taxes
I use Spark Pay from Capital One which is very similar to Square and it will actually calculate the sales taxes for me and I can change it to reflect the sales tax for the state that I'm in.

05-13-2016, 02:19 PM
I dug in and did a lot of research, and found that my state (Minnesota) has an exemption that if you sell goods once a year at one show for a period of no longer then three days, you are exempt from having to report it and pay sales tax, as long as the sales are under $500.

Stewart Vernon
05-14-2016, 03:35 PM
I was just about to say... that in many states there is no need to pay sales tax or even get a license to sell as long as you are only there for a few days (like for a convention) and as long as sales are under a certain amount. Sometimes the people coordinating/running the show will be able to help you out with this information (they should be aware of such stuff to help out their vendors and artists attending the show).