View Full Version : which cover should i choose?

05-04-2016, 06:07 AM
Ive been having lots of trouble figuring out what to do for a cover for this chapter, I've been bouncing around a few ideas in my head but cant make up my mind.

Actually I had lots of difficulty with this chapter cause ... well ... it kinda felt like i was treading through territory that I didn't really ... belong in to? (i've heard girls dont like it when guys get wierd about this kind of stuff :S ) But I got good feedback about this chapter ... hmmm ... odd i could have sworn that i posted this chapter before for feedback here on underdogs but I cant find it now ... well maybe I didn't and just thought I did or just posted someplace else maybe I'll repost the chapter in question for feedback of that chapter cause ... well ... its been a while since i made it and im still thinking about revising it i wasnt certain how to approach it and had lots of difficulty with it but got good feedback

yes covers ^^ -_-;;


PS: Im worried about posting something bad, so please comment if you feel that any of my content is offensive or appropriate ... be honest now :)

I need to make that "PS:" part of my signature ... how do you do that? I'm constantly worried about posting something inappropriate and getting flamed or something so ... yeah ...