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Marc Rosete
05-03-2016, 12:19 PM
It was hard finding the time to do this, but itīs an opportunity i can not let pass




05-04-2016, 06:56 AM
These are good. Nice work.

Figures are a little stiff, could push gestures a bit more. Clean up your shapes -- capes, smoke, energy -- and avoid cropping (or nearly cropping) hands, elbows, knees and feet. Also avoid crops on weird stuff like the snakes and arrows on 3.3-3.4; if you can't fit everything, make it smaller or rework your composition. Also keep in mind that many of your shapes come dangerously close to the outer edge, or trim. That means if the page prints slightly off-center you may find tips of sharp objects and edges of buildings have been cropped and completely change the effect of a panel or even a page as intended. Try to keep all important info inside the safe zone (measured roughly 1/2" from the edge of the page).

This is also a fucking dumb script. All the DC Talent scripts are fabulously weak for the purposes of samples and seem most likely an aspect of the program that was under-valued. Write your own sample that has a bunch of stuff -- change of scene and clothes, high emotional payoff, conflict, animals and foliage, buildings and rubble, naked and clothed people -- write something fun. Do a bunch of them!

BTW I love the amateur threesome being filmed in the room where the snakes and arrows land! By far the most interesting thing happening on these pages. Was that in the script at all? Is that a toddler's playpen in the room? Talk about these choices. I want more stories about those people, who gives a shit about Batman!

Post more. Keep going.


05-04-2016, 07:53 AM
There's a Mahnke / Gleason polish that I like!

Marc Rosete
05-09-2016, 01:59 AM

Thankīs for the advice, itīs always helpful reading your comments.Hope there is more comments like yours on this forum.And yes, the sample script was weird, i guess itīs just focused to show the artist abilities.
Anyway i learn a couple things by doing it. Iīll keep trying

Thankīs TOONDOCTOR, i feel glad by the comparison, those are really good artist, and i guess they work or use to worked for DCcomics, so thatīs really nice.

K.E. Woolfork
05-22-2016, 11:50 PM
These are pretty darn awesome!