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04-12-2016, 01:14 AM
My name is Ben Hunzeker. I have a 15 year career as a digital colorist working with Archie Comics, Devils Due, Capstone Publishing, Antarctic Press, and several others. Over the years I have had works published for DC Comics and Marvel through Guru eFX and HI*FI design. I am also an instructor at The International School of Comics in Chicago, IL.


I have limited time to work on a full time book so I am working to produce a weekly web-comic. This gig will involve a single page a week and a cover piece once a month. (Simple, right?)

Page Rate starts at $50 per page but is negotiable dependent upon work experience and artistic skill sets.

Pay will follow within 14 days of receiving the art work.

Please PM me 6 to 8 grey scale jpg sequential line art samples without colors or inks. Links to online portfolios will not be accepted. Now the artist will need to be able to show mood, ability to set a scene, draftsmanship, and perspective. Use your best judgement and compare your work to what you see out there. If your work is below what you see printed by Antarctic Press, Image or other small press companies I would advise you not to submit. There is not specific style I am looking for. If you have a bit of funky vibe to your art, fantastic! We only need to be able to tell a story.

Please include email addresses and a phone contact in your PM. Artists located in the Chicago Metro area will be given preference.

Non-disclosure agreement as well as a work for hire agreement will be signed unless otherwise noted.

This gig will have an easy pace to work with for an artist with a family, a full time job or both.

The initial intent is to run this project for 6 months and take account of it's standing at the time. If at that time we have a good response and fan base we will continue, if not we will look to redirect and begin a new story line. At the end of the year the web comic will be collected into a printed form.

At the end of 6 months there will be a 5% increase in page rates (rounded up to the nearest dollar).

Please, again. PM me with your samples and contact info. Any attempt to send me links or contact me with out samples will send you right to the fail list because the ability to follow instructions is important.

Paypal is used for all payment activities.

Good Luck!