View Full Version : Artist for 7 Page Story-Paying Job

Nicholas Alexander
04-11-2016, 03:48 PM
Blackhole Comics is currently looking for an artist to do a 7 page story for an issue of Blackhole Universe. This title is a 2 for 1 style series that tells stories about multiple characters in short 7 page formats with two stories per issue. This is work for hire, the page rate we're budgeted for is $60.00 per page. Please send Sequential samples (or a link to samples) to blackholecomics@gmail.com. The time frame we're looking to get the story done in is 2 months. Ability to work within the deadline is very important, so please be as accurate as possible when estimating. Current plans are to do black and white/greyscale, not color. Payment will be sent via Paypal within 24 hours upon receiving and approving finished pages.

We may ask for character designs as a means of determining which artist is the right artist for the story, so be prepared for us to ask. To get an idea of the product we put out check out Blackhole-Comics.com (http://www.blackhole-comics.com) or Facebook.com/BlackholeComics!

Thanks in advance for all the great submissions!

-Nick Flair