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03-22-2016, 07:36 AM
Hello all, my name is Brandon Blanks. I am looking for a Work for Hire Colorist for a three issue mini-series that I have penciled and inked. Issue 1 is 28 pages and is ready to be colored now, issue 2 is 28 pages and is on its final inks and issue 3 will be 32 pages, and its pencils are completed. I am looking to pay $20 a page through PayPal, and I would like Issue 1 completed by mid April, if not earlier.

The color palette that I am looking for is that of the Spawn comics, during its hayday (issues 65-149), the Creech mini-series and the Haunt comic run issues 1-18.

Payment will be submitted by Paypal upon completion of each page and final approval of the artists work, within 2 to 3 days. Meaning, I send you 4 Tiff files a week, and you complete four pages in one week, that's $80 bucks in that one week. I will not pay any money before the completion of artwork (I've already been burned before by an inker on this project and never got any of my pages that was inked). If preferred, the artist can send low res files before receiving payment for my viewing/approval, then the high res Tiff files after receiving payment. You get your money, I send more pages and then we repeat until the Issue(s) is complete.

While I don't want to reveal much about the comic series here yet, I will give a little example of what to expect as the colorist. There is Violence. Action. Blood. Humor. Brief nudity. Dark humor. Blood. Buckets of it, even. Crude humor. Think of the popular web-series Red vs Blue meets the movie Major Payne meets The Walking Dead. There are soldiers, flying bullets and monsters. It may seem like a typical comic, but my concept is a little out of this world. It's title is called Kicking Furry Ass(c), and here is the cover I used when I printed up some preview issues in Black and White two months ago...

http://nebula.wsimg.com/a5cd5a6c59369661fc784e3b8244795c?AccessKeyId=9BD5C 767988F374F1D30&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

This mini-series, upon its full completion, will be published one way or another. Submitted to Image, Dark Horse, anybody. And if that doesn't work, either through Ka-Blam, Amazon's Createspace or Kickstarter. I've already used Ka-Blam's services to print off over 50 copies of a Black/White limited edition of Issue 1 to see how it would look, gain hype and support. It looks nice in B/W; it'll look even better in color! So, you will see your colored work in print!

Please email me if interested. Send links to your galleries, websites, ect. Thanks all! That email is brandonblanks@outlook.com. My website is www.brandonblanks.com, that is where you can view my previous published book, Brain Matter at and links to it at IndyPlanet.com.

03-28-2016, 11:59 AM
Man, oh man. The feedback. I can't believe the number of responses that I received. Thank you all that applied and that shared links to your work. I looked at every site' and while I responded to many of you by email; there were well over 70 applicants! I. Am. Honored. Truly.

Unfortunately, i could only choose one. So, unless something unfortunately should come about, the submission process is closed as I have found my colorist.