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03-08-2016, 05:55 PM
Anne Frank n' Stein is the story never written in the diary, presented as a 5-issue comic series.

Prepare for a shocking ride as Anne proves herself more resourceful than
the Nazis anticipated when they raid her secret attic.
With the help of a monster created out of corpses and science she escapes
to rescue her family which has been taken by the Third Reich.

However, the Nazis have secret experimental science of their own.
Will Anne literally raise all Hell in return for her family's safety?

This comic project started out as a ballsy idea and a labor of love,
but quickly turned into something much, much bigger.
With a daring narrative written by Ezra Nickel and colorful art by Rifka Kremer,
Anne Frank n' Stein is a story you need to read to believe.

PAGE1 (http://flightyfelon.deviantart.com/art/AFnS-P1-595438101)
PAGE2 (http://flightyfelon.deviantart.com/art/AFnS-P2-595438471)
PAGE3 (http://flightyfelon.deviantart.com/art/AFnS-P3-595439238)
PAGE4 (http://flightyfelon.deviantart.com/art/AFnS-P4-595439699)
PAGE5 (http://flightyfelon.deviantart.com/art/AFnS-P5-595440242)
PAGE6 (http://flightyfelon.deviantart.com/art/AFnS-P6-595440475)
PAGE7 (http://flightyfelon.deviantart.com/art/AFnS-P7-595440722)
PAGE8 (http://flightyfelon.deviantart.com/art/AFnS-P9-595441288)
PAGE9 (http://flightyfelon.deviantart.com/art/AFnS-P8-595441054)
PAGE10 (http://flightyfelon.deviantart.com/art/AFnS-P10-595441475)
PAGE11 (http://flightyfelon.deviantart.com/art/AFnS-P11-595441778)
PAGE12 (http://flightyfelon.deviantart.com/art/AFnS-P12-595442068)

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03-08-2016, 06:54 PM
Interesting concept! You will get more views and comments if you post the pictures instead of links. Also, your links for pages 8 and 9 are reversed.