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According to The New York Sun, July 14, 1943, Timely Comics signed a lease to move into the Empire State Building.

New Tenants Listed
H. Hamilton Weber, rental manager of Empire State, Inc., reports leases of large space on the eighteenth floor of the Empire State Building to Scott & Williams, Inc., machinery dealers. Other new tenants include Mayer & Alex Oliver, hosiery; Joseph M. Fried land, hosiery; Guilford Hosiery Mills, Inc.; Virginia Maid Hosiery Mills, Inc.; Walter J. McChesney, hosiery; Hatch Full-Fashioned Hosiery Company, Edward Roskind, hosiery; Mack Manufacturing Corporation; Talon, Inc.; National Economic Council, Inc.; Henry W. Sharkey, C. P A.; Noah Bass & Co., C. P. A., and to Timely Comics, Inc., publishers.

Most sources said Timely Comics made the move in 1942. You can see the newspaper here (http://alphabettenthletter.blogspot.com/2016/02/comics-timely-comics-moved-to-empire.html).

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To see this event in perspective and context, we should mention that the author of this bold office's moving was the visionary publisher and owner of Atlas comics Martin Goodman, by then 34 years old.
He made this bold move encouraged by the millionaire success on sales of Captain America, who was created by his employees Joe Simons (29 yrs. old) and Jack Kirby (25 yrs. old) just the year before, in 1941, when working for Goodman as in-house staff.
In those days, Atlas was a small company with a small office for only 3 members. Joe Simons editor/writer, Jack Kirby art director/penciller) and
inker Syd Shores, plus teenager (17 years old) Stanley Lieber ( Goldman's relative) who was working as gofer for Simons and Kirby erasing pages, filling inkwells, fetching coffee and cigarettes for Kirby and in the meanwhile, learning from these two genius, by overhearing their discussions, comments and conversations about comics creation. Soon he would keep on mind all these ideas and concepts on how to write and make successful comics. Eventually, and few months before the move to Empire State building, Simon and Kirby were fired by Martin Goodman over the duo complains to Goodman on his sharing of Captain America's profits with them.
Right after Atlas offices were moved to State building, Stanley Lieber (by now 19 years old Stan Lee) would be promoted to Chief Editor covering the vacancy of Simon's position.
This would be a starting point in the expansion of Atlas as publishing company. Twenty years later, in 1960 it will become Marvel comics and by then, Jack Kirby would get back on working for Goodman, this time having Stan Lee (now 37 years old) as his boss editor and co-creator. Fantastic Four, X-men and many more amazing characters would be created under the new Marvel umbrella.