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02-15-2016, 02:25 PM
First: Please understand Iím only looking for art for the first 6-10 story pages for pitching purposes. With luck, the book finds a publishing home quickly. If so, the successful applicant could continue on the project.

Synopsis: Gunning For Hits is a thriller, set in the music business in 80ís NYC. It will (eventually) have flashbacks to events in late 70ís high school and the early 80ís Gulf War. GFH features a 70ís rock star trying to stage a comeback, a new punk rock band, and old, better-forgotten, combat buddies. The protagonist is a record company talent scout with a mysterious background and an uncanny knack for making hit records. I have loads of material and would love to see this as a LOOOONG ongoing with a very specific end.

Art: GFH is in black and white. Itís ideally penciled and inked by the same artist - in my view, this is not only best for the art, but keeps the primary collaboration simple and unmuddied. The story has a cinematic noir feel, involving considerable talking and exposition. Thereís not much over the top action, but plenty of guns - youíll need to know how to draw them. Not for the extremely sensitive, GFH is largely cynical with moments of morally askew black humor throughout, but ultimately about simple joys. As itís set in the music business, authentic depiction of performers (and executives!) in their working environments is a must. An interest in the business and NYC is a huge plus.

Although GFH is set in the 80ís, I donít want you to mimic art styles of the era (no Nagel or the Pander Brothers).

While Iím willing to look at anything, my ideal would be someone in the vein of Toth, Darwyn Cooke (Parker is a fave!), Jaime Hernandez, Cliff Chiang, Jordi Bernet, Dave Johnson, Ron Salas, Tonci Zonjic, Jamie Hewlett, Michael Lark, Sean Phillips, Duncan Fegredo, Lee Weeks, Mitch Breitweiser, Eric Canete, Dan Panosian, Tommy Lee Edwards, Ramon Perez, Dan Panosian, Adlard, Jordi Bernet, even Herge or similar. Not looking for Manga style. I donít want anything too cartoonyĖ if thinking of European artists, lean towards realists. I like clean, clear lines, a solid use of blacks and the ability to handle inventive camerawork while characters talk, with attention paid to the subtlety of facial expression (think Kubrick, Scorcese, Tarantino Ė yes, Iím looking for a genius, why not?).

In addition to samples and a resume of any previously published work, please include at least one solid reference. Iím prompt with payments and easy to work with, but will not hire someone who may hold up the project.

I have rough thumbnails, like Alan Moore provides his collaborators, and character sketches/photos too. They do not need to be followed Ė if you have better ideas, Iím all in! That said, I want to see pages at pencil stage for comment.

Payment: This is a work-for-hire project and will pay $50 per completed page, within 7 days of delivery of last page (Iím flexible here; we can discuss, but artist will be paid no later than this), format of delivery TBD, but can be drop-boxed. If the book is accepted by a publisher, I intend to revisit this rate and hopefully a longer-term commitment can be made. Payments made via Paypal.

Me: I have a long history in the music business, started out publishing my own zine and climbed my way up; eventually working with artists like David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Big Star, Bill Hicks (the comedian, not bluegrass), Laura Marling, & hundreds more. Iíve written liner notes for many albums (Ziggy Stardust), and loads of ďfor funĒ fiction. This is my first attempt to pitch my fiction.

Read about me here: jeffrougvie.com
Contact me here: info@jeffrougvie.com

Thank you for reading. Any other questions, ask!

08-10-2016, 06:30 PM
This is NOT a bump.

After finding a great artist who seemed on board until THE DAY PAGES were due, I'm back in the market for an artist on the project described above, under the terms described above.

Despite the problem with the artist, I had enough material to successfully present to a number of publishers at SDCC and there seems to be good interest, pending a new artist.

I have a few artists who submitted previously that I will reach out to, but in a perfect world (especially after the last experience), I'd love to work with someone locally.

FWIW I will be at Boston Comicon this weekend if anyone interested is attending, please send a sample and let me know which day(s) you'll be present.

Thanks in advance!

10-04-2016, 04:52 PM
Again, not trying to bump, but I found another artist who got a different gig offer at the same time and had to take it, so still looking.

I will be at NYCC from Thursday Oct 6 to Sunday October 9th (that's easy to remember, right?) and will be happy to look at work on site. Send e-mail to info@jeffrougvie.com if you want to set something up.