View Full Version : Looking for artists for Issue 2 of Galaxy Girl (paid)

02-08-2016, 05:25 PM
I am looking for three artists to each work on five to twelve page stories to be a part of Issue 2 of an anthology comic called “The Adventures of Galaxy Girl in Outer Space.” The story is a sci-fi comedy which will consist of one and done style short stories, with each artist tackling a different story. The logline I’m using is, “Eccentric alien girl abducts teenage human boy for space faring shenanigans and, ultimately, dissection.” I posted an ad here back in October for Issue 1 and got loads of really amazing submissions. It was difficult to narrow it down, but I ended up working with three really amazing artists and now I am looking to do it all again. I am currently running a Kickstarter campaign to print Issue 1, and I would like to turn Kickstarter into a renewable resource in the future. If you responded to my ad for Issue one but were not contacted, do not be afraid to submit new work this time around. There were a lot of really great submissions that I had to turn down and I would love to see the progress you’ve made in the last few months.

Details: Pay for the job is $30 per page of pencils, with negotiable additional pay for inks and colors. Payment will be half after thumbnail layouts are received (any format), and half after completed work is received at 300 dpi LZW-compressed .TIFF format. All payments will be made via paypal within a week of completion. Any inks and colors not completed by the hired artists and all lettering will be completed by me or a capable third party. In addition, each artist will be compensated with up to fifty copies of the completed book pending a successful Kickstarter campaign. The artists can then sell these books at conventions to make some more money off of their work. NOTE: payment for the work is NOT dependent on the Kickstarter campaign. Its success only means product for you to sell, which is more incentive for all artists involved to promote the campaign. For this reason, artists with a social media following, an existing book in print (self-published, small print, etc. is fine), and experience in artist alley at comic conventions will be given priority. My hope is to have a diverse line up of artists with a vested mutual interest and self-motivation to help promote our book. In addition, all artists must be willing and able to receive critique and possibly redo some work if needed. Ideally, all artists involved will participate in group critiques over skype. My goal is to not just hire out some help to suit my needs, but to create a small network of establishing artists to help lift each other up and take all of our work to the next level. I am not interested in creating a pitch package, I am interested in creating a comic.

Timeline: I hope to choose all artists by April, to run critiques through June and July, and run the Kickstarter campaign in September. If everything remains on schedule, I hope to have the books in our hands by November.

About me: My name is Andrew Taylor and I am a writer/artist on my own independent comic series, Potential, which can be found on ComiXology here: http://bit.ly/1FREZOa, I do all of the artwork, coloring, and lettering on my comic, mostly out of necessity, so I know what it takes and I know what I am asking of all artists. In 2012, I ran a successful Kickstarter in order to launch Potential and I am currently using that platform again to launch Galaxy Girl Issue 1. You can find that campaign (and more info about Galaxy Girl) here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/potential/galaxy-girl
More of my work can be found on my blog: Ataylorart.blogspot.com and I am somewhat active on Twitter and Instagram @PotentialComic.

If interested please email ataylorart@gmail.com with “Galaxy Girl Submission” in your subject line. Subject lines that do not include “Galaxy Girl Submission” in their subject line will not make it to my submissions folder and will therefore be discarded without review. Include links to your most recent work and a few short words telling me about yourself and your experience. Please include any social media accounts and any other sources you use for your own self-promotion. Thanks! I can’t wait to work with you!