View Full Version : Wanted: FEMALE Penciler for violent indie Superhero book (22pgs at $35pp)

02-06-2016, 12:23 AM
Need FEMALE penciler for violent indie superhero book. Male artists, do not apply for this job.

The story is about a bullied high school student who becomes a super villian. Similar in style to Kick-Ass, Sidekick, or Furious. The series will be 6 issues, this post is for the first of those issues.

Rate: $35 per page
Pages: 22

Invoice: Hoffmangler Studios l.l.c.

Payment schedule: 25% upfront, 25% within two weeks of milestones (50% completion 75% completion and 100% completion) Payment schedule has option of being sped up if pages are being delivered consistently.

Paymant: via Paypal

Completion: Pages delivered digitally, 11 x 17 @ 300ppi LZW TIFF, approved by writer.

The same team who produce Salt City Strangers (http://www.saltcitystrangers.com).

Please email samples and availability to hoffmangler\at\gmail.com (hoffmangler@gmail.com).

Artists we are interested in will receive a sample page of the script and asked for sample sketches.

02-15-2016, 12:05 AM
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