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01-26-2016, 03:52 AM

pencils and inks by che rigas

This one has been a long *time* coming (geddit?...time?...ha!, I kill me... *sigh*)

Back in July or so I saw the lineart to this on artstation.com and asked Che for the highres. After a week or 3 he saw the comment, agreed and emailed me the lineart.

I then set about colouring it but as usual got distracted, sidetracked, had commission work come up... and so this kept getting set aside. But I kept coming back to it after finishing other stuff and fiddling with here and there. She started off with a standard steampunk colour scheme, changed to forest greens ala robin hood, and then finally ended up like this! Because I worked on it in such a start stop manner the colouring consistency suffers a bit, but I think I've fixed most of the glaring mis-matches.