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01-24-2016, 08:58 PM
Here are some more recent colors, trying to work on my contrast and pushing things in the proper direction and such with values.

These fun lines were provided by Carlos Alberto Fernández Urbano. This guy is ridiculously talented!! Check him out on FB! Amazing stuff!

Colors by ME

Imperium #13 cover




Steve Colle
03-25-2016, 06:20 PM
Though I love your colors, I have to wonder where the prominent light source is coming from in the lower portion of your Imperium piece. Because of the apparent time of day established by the sky color in the top portion of the image, I'd expect much less need for the strength of the light and its creation of obvious shadows on the face and costume of the man. It doesn't look close to night time and the gun doesn't appear to be a flamethrower, begging the question: Is the firing of his weapon likely to create this effect? I don't believe so.

As for the Bloodshot piece, his skin looks to be more caucasian than albino due to the strong pink shades vs. the expected white and grey shades. I'd suggest you look to reference photos of published material of this character to define what he should look like. As it stands now, the symbol on his forehead isn't a clear indication of this character's identity, instead requiring the base color of his skin (deathly white) to help isolate who this is.

The colors are laid just fine save for the choices in shade and prominence.

Nice work.

03-26-2016, 03:09 AM
Hey Steve, I should have gone for a darker sky color, I was going for the early evening, but I must not have sold it. I will go back and re-work that piece, thank you for keeping me honest. Also, for the Bloodshot piece, I do need to whiten him up a bit more. Thank you for the crits, much appreciated!